Monday, June 28, 2010

The Third Depression's psychotropic remedy: Paul Krugman's NYT article "The Third Depression" (See Link below) is, as Dr. Krugman always is, incredibly prescient. His predictions over time are usually proven correct. If Paul Krugman knows what he is talking about it is hard to understand that political leaders of some depth and insight do not at least read what he has to say and if they want to avoid further catastrophe, in fact, DO what he says. I simply do not get it.

Why oh why Barack Obama chose to stick with the advice on the economy of the very people who brought us to the economic abyss I will never know. I, too, will never know why, as the handwriting seems to be on the wall and unemployment benefits dumped, he does not ditch his economic team for new batting champs. I vote for Team Krugman.

Surely, in this country of 300 million people we can do two things: (1) plug the leak in the Gulf and (2) enact policies which will turn the economy around. Mr. Obama, Paul Krugman has your back and you do not even seem to know it! Please, Sir, listen to him. It may save your presidency and our nation from entering another quagmire and the hellish quicksand depths of yet another LONG Depression!