Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fitna a Fitting Film for our time: I watched both "Fitna" and the film clip of "Obsession" which speaks to Islamic religious fanaticism sent to me by a Globe columnist with whom I occasionally correspond. I attach the links below. The word chilling is an understatement. All those centuries of hard-fought-for values of the Enlightenment can be gone in a flash. I do often believe mankind is going backwards. We must sit up and take notice. Those of all political and religious persuasions should know our will is the only thing sitting between tyranny and a just free society. This is not a left wing or a right wing issue. This is not a Jewish, Christian or just simply an Islamic issue. It is an every wing and every man issue meant for all of us who love our ability to think, reason, and question all things at all times.