Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Trump's Charlottesville statement Tuesday, August 15

It is not surprising to me at all that Trump uttered his wildly erroneous thoughts about the violence in Charlottesville, VA. It is exactly how he feels.  I beg to differ with him.  There are not two sides to the issue protested and there is not one nice person shouting "Jew will not replace me" nor is there one nice person among Neo Nazis, racists, KKK, Confederates and Robert E. Lee lovers.  There is not one nice person who would advocate paying homage to a man who waged rebellious war and perpetrated thousands of deaths upon this country. 

Usually a nation does not pay homage to those in a military who lost a war.   One does not find a statute anywhere in Germany saluting Himmler, Goebbels, Hitler and the rest of the perpetrators of World War II horror that saw 50 million dead.  It would be illegal to create and show in public a statute to their memory or to fly a Nazi flag in Germany.  It is even illegal to deny the Holocaust.  In this country, however, where approximately 400,000 gave their lives in WWII fighting Nazis our president thinks some of the Tiki-torch carriers in support of a racist cause "fine people" simply protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.  This ignorant president knows nothing of history.  Robert E. Lee was nothing short of a racist supreme who waged war against his country and killed about 200,000 Union soldiers to keep an economic system of oppression where one white man could not only own a black man but strip him of all rights brutalizing him mercellously.  He thought the white man intrinsically superior.  Lee was lucky an accident of birth created him a white man of privilege.  Robert E. Lee waged a war of treasonous rebellion.  He and other Confederates were lucky not to have been executed for it but the Union president, Abraham Lincoln, rejected that to pacify those who fought for the so called Confederate "Cause" against the Union.  He did not want to alienate them. He wanted to unite.

This Cretan Trump depends upon the so called Alt Right to keep him in power. It is a damnable thing. Think of the hundreds of thousands (400,000 approx.) Americans who died in WWII fighting Nazis to keep Europe and the US allies all over the world free. If we did not win we would be under the Nazi jackboot today and I for one would never have been born. My parents and all my relatives would have been killed.   It chills me to think about what this president is and what he has said.

We must NEVER given in to the ugliness of this ugly historical era perhaps the ugliest with the exception (maybe) of the Civil War period. I leave this post with one thought: An Alt right extremist male was interviewed. He was a bit critical of Trump because he thought Trump did not go far enough right wing for him. He said indicting Trump "After all Trump GAVE his daughter to a Jew!" Imagine Trump hearing that.  Does that anti-Semitic statement leave a mark on crackpot Trump's brain? I suspect not. I think Trump would give up even his daughter to hold power. It is the earmark of a narcissistic sociopath. What on god's earth created such a sad, mendacious, miscreant and worse how did this cancerous miscreant infect us?