Monday, February 28, 2011

Walker's Wall Street War on Wisconsin I cannot think of a more mean-spirited, dishonest, and egregiously transparent power grab than that which is being waged by Wisconsin's Governor Walker against state workers. It is shameful. I wonder if the election were to be held today if the majority of the people of Wisconsin would even vote for him. I suspect now he would lose by a crushing margin especially after the fake call from the Republican Santa the Koch Brothers. It is clear from that the kind of sickening political back-room cloak and dagger war that the governor and his cronies are trying to wage against the powerless Wisconsin state worker. He is simply a bully. This is NOT about the Wisconsin budget. The workers already agreed to his monetary demands. This is nothing less than an attempt to gain Republican power by violating the very tenet of the First Amendment, guarantee of freedom of assembly for Unions which usually support Democratic causes. Unions have used this important First Amendment right to pursue their collective bargaining interests and justifiably so. Who can go up against the power of the corporation grease machine of the Republican Party unless they organize?

The states' economic fragility should NOT be laid at the doorstep of state workers many of whom you and I depend upon every single day we live for our infrastructure maintenance, the education of our children and the protection of all of us from physical harm. Are these the people that the extremist radical right is saying get too much money and should be denied the ability to bargain for their rights? Are they kidding me? Try laying the blame where it belongs. Our economic cesspool was created by the Wall Street banksters and the fraud they committed ultimately to line their pockets with taxpayer money as they and their rating lackeys rigged the Wall Street game AND they got away with it. Until this day NO CEO who has been guilty of the most egregious fraud has spent one day in the place so many belong – JAIL. The states are suffering because much of the pension and other investments were lost to this utter fraud!

When one looks at the salaries of our state workers one can see the truth of the 1950's First Amendment besieged comedian Lenny Bruce when he said it was an American irony that a movie star made millions and a teacher AT THAT TIME made $3,000. When one adjusts for the inflation of fifty plus years then the salary of most state teachers maybe edges up to $55,000 IF he/she is lucky.

Charlie Sheen, alleged inebriate actor thinks he does not make enough at $2,000,000 PER SHOW. He wants $3,000,000 per show. Maybe Charlie should join a union. After all we just KNOW unions would ask that much for teachers if they could.

If you were not forced to work as a 12 year old, if you enjoy the 5 day work week, if you like the fact that your workplace must be safe than thank the unions. It would be nice if that sad excuse for a governor of the people of Wisconsin reversed his position and did the same!
My Oscar Take: I rather enjoyed the sometimes tedious, sometimes never ending thank yous of people I do not know, jokes which fall flat and unnecessary inane blather which extend the night well beyond timely sanity. Nevertheless, there was some brilliant acting and some utterly excellent films that were worthy of great recognition. We have so many talented people who can jet propel us out of our doldrums into an emotional escape.

I saw most of the important films up for awards. Natalie Portman's performance in the "Black Swan" was eminently worthy although, in my opinion, the substance of the film was difficult. Perhaps, her performance was admittedly superior to Annette Benning's, the favorite and my favorite, for the "Kids Are All Right." In addition, Christian Bale was just beyond superb as Dicky Ekland in "The Fighter." He will, I think, go down with the acting greats. "Social Network" was incredible. It made me feel so intelligently small compared to a Mark Zuckerberg and friends in their development of Facebook which now has over 200,000,000 subscribers and can be said to have literally changed an entire Middle East region and maybe the world.

Most importantly, "The King's Speech" won for all the categories I thought it would. The awards were well deserved for best picture, best actor, screenplay and director. This is truly a great film, serious in content and poignant, as the king and the British nation too must face serious times, overcome huge odds and then triumph!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What the heck, I'll take a bow. My opinion was printed in the Sunday Globe (Feb. 27, 2011). It's not that easy to get printed in the Boston Globe much less the Sunday one and I haven't in years plus it is an opinion that is the essence of me! ;-) =

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thinking the Unthinkable: As reported in Huffington Post and the Georgia Athens Banner-Herald, Republican Congressman Paul Broun from the 10th congressional district of Georgia “responded to a question that was asked at a town hall event held by Rep. Paul Broun on Tuesday. According to the article, an audience member asked the congressman, "Who is going to shoot Obama?” … Rather than confronting the questioner or condemning the question, Broun instead acknowledged "frustration" with Obama, according to the Banner-Herald. The paper reports that Broun responded to the stunning inquiry as follows: "The thing is, I know there's a lot of frustration with this president. We're going to have an election next year. Hopefully, we'll elect somebody that's going to be a conservative, limited-government president that will take a smaller (sic), who will sign a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare." " (Link below)

Broun should have roundly condemned the question as provocative and abhorrent. He also should have decried the rancid atmosphere that led to asking it. Rep. Broun’s lack of outrage is deplorable! That questioner should be investigated by the Secret Service and the Congress should, in the strongest terms possible, condemn the weak response by Rep. Broun.

God forbid a trillion times if something so utterly destructive as the assassination of this president ever occurs you can kiss this country goodbye. The ones who love this president -- and there are MILLIONS who do -- would absolutely go berserk. If you think the cities were convulsed when Martin Luther King was assassinated what would occur if anything like that happened to this president is beyond comprehension and could eclipse that horrid event by miles. It is, to its core, bone chilling and would have repercussions not only in this country but all over the world. If something so unthinkable as that transpired we will become an extinct culture and our democratic experiment will have failed. Those right wing radical racist extremists who have ratcheted up with their vile rhetoric this horrible atmosphere of hate making our president the most threatened in US history better seek shelter too because this time they and all of us would be at risk.

Democrats, Independents and those from all parties and walks of life who love this country and its democracy must take the hateful forces aligned against us seriously and organize as we did in 2008. Take nothing for granted. We must work for a kinder gentler nation. If this nasty opposition gains every level of our government they will court no compromise, make no concessions, have no dialogue but WILL remain uncompromising and extreme dismantling this country’s safety nets and civil liberties piece by piece. They will truly make – if they have not already -- the corporation king! It would not be a place that you recognize nor a place where I would want to live. Everyone should go to their church, their synagogue, their mosque or any place of your choosing and pray fervently that something as pathologically sick as that should never happen here again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Arrogance of Stupidity: In response to Neil Gabler's February 22, 2011 editorial "The arrogance divide -- Why can't liberals capture the populist moment?" (Link below) I responded to his Globe editorial.

As a proud liberal I loathe that this nation glorifies those qualities which are the least admirable and deescalates those qualities of greatest import. A smile becomes more important than intelligence, wavy hair or an elite family background more important than academic excellence. Bluster is often more important than thoughtful and careful understanding of policy and history. Historically embedded in our nation's sinew is an anti-intellectual essence where erudite academic intellect is to be scorned and mediocrity becomes a virtue.

Does one want intellectual truth as best as man is able to determine it or does one want myths, falsehoods and the showmanship of a Ringling Brothers Circus or a Southern Baptist preacher to prevail? I will take an MIT/Harvard intellect any day over a William Jennings Bryan, a Father Coughlin or the stupidity that is a proud part of the American Tea Bag and other American populist historical movements.

Cures for physical maladies come from the best and the brightest science has to offer, careful intellectual scrutiny and a breadth of knowledge capable of competing with the entire world. A great nation is NOT born from the cesspool of anti-rational thought, anti intellectuality and utter stupidity. It is born from the hard work of study, the questioning of the status quo and the reproducible truths that only science can bestow. Ignorance, superstition and an unquestioning public will in evolutionary fashion erase a culture. Those who try to achieve academic excellence will survive!
The Walker Hoax: A caller on Bill Press Show was talking about a list of personal things the bill for which Walker sticks to the Wisconsin public. The so called governor Walker of Wisconsin simply wants to emasculate unions one of the few sources of Democratic support. Walker gives plenty of money to his cronies and sticks the state with the bill for personal things.

Not only that this hypocrite of hypocrites has inserted in that bill all kinds of pork the contracts of which would go to his cronies. The electorate of Wisconsin is paying for his parties that he has every week, his cable TV, his stationery, and a PLETHORA of other personal freebies he has STUCK on the Wisconsin public to pay.

He is the worst hypocrite who is not the least concerned with saving money for the state but IS concerned with negating the unions and Democratic opposition and spreading Republican power nationwide. Having Republicans as governors and state legislators brings you to this. Maybe the American people will finally get it. This is a naked power grab to gain HUGE oligarchical power pure and simple.

They want to rape the American public by using OUR money to pay for their personal fun and amenities and they will give out contracts to cronies who support them. The list of things they want is endless giving out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts to their cronies who have given to their campaigns and the Republican Party. Yes, Democrats do that too BUT Republicans, the party of the corporation, takes that to Herculean heights. Governor Walker is symptomatic of a national power grab attempt to ensure Republicans will control EVERYTHING everywhere in every state and in the three branches of the federal government as well. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Give to opposition groups when you can and support unions for state workers as well!

Stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin state workers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Liberal's Heart: Peter Gelzinis wrote a STERLING piece for the Boston Herald, a conservative sensationalist newspaper I do not usually read (See link below.) I did not consider the things about which Mr. Gelzinis wrote when I heard the 60 Minutes Scott Brown revelations. I wish I had. I am a softy and sometimes, although not usually, I fall for a sad story and think it is an intrinsically good story told without economic motivation behind it. How, at this point in my life, can I still be so naive?

I am NOT a Scott Brown supporter BUT from day 1 I was trying to listen to what he had to say. I was trying to like him. Every time I listened to him, however, I was less than impressed by his articulate abilities and his lack of intellectually well thought out ideas.

When the sex abuse and violent chaotic childhood he revealed to 60 Minutes came out he touched my soft liberal heart. Why I did not think his rationale for this expose is because he has a book to sell in our winner-confess-all-no-matter-how-ugly culture I will never know. Next he will be on Oprah.

While Scott Brown's story is a compelling, sad and yet a triumphant one the fact that he is selling his book makes financial sense and gives a rationale to why he would make his personal, private and sordid story public now. It is ALWAYS about the buck isn't it?

Moreover, there may be another reason for releasing the details now. The polls show Mass. voters rather like Scott Brown. He seems to have just what the American doctor ordered -- good looks and a success story beneath his ugly childhood. If he can make it then why cannot anyone else do the same? But Scott Brown has lost some in the radical right Tea Bag movement who do not want to hear about this abuse and who think those with a different sexual orientation have no right to be treated equally. They are angry at Scott Brown’s yes vote to repeal DADT. By revealing his story, however, he has more than made up for the small right wing extremist loss. He has gained more votes across the entire political spectrum. Even I, a consummate progressive Democrat after hearing his story, for a millisecond thought maybe I could give him my vote.

Then reality strikes and Gelzinis’s piece alerts the hypocritical nerve alarm bells warning me about the danger of giving most any Republican my vote. In the final analysis Scott Brown will have to do more MUCH more to win this progressive’s heart. Apologizing to Lisa Allen for his politically motivated dismissal of her own abuse among many other things would be a good place start!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Whole Truth: This is a FANTASTIC article by one of my all time favorite journalists Matt Taibbi who writes for "Rolling Stone Magazine." Between Glen Greenwald and him these two ultra intelligent progressives write beautifully. When on TV they speak articulately and with excellence. Their point of view favors most of you and me, America's middle class.

If you ever want to know the truth -- the real truth -- about our economic catastrophe and the events which led up to it follow Matt Taibbi's works on Rolling Stone and read his book "Griftopia--Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That is Breaking America."

The Whole Truth: Likewise, if you want to know about the overreaching of our government and its eradication of many of our civil liberties read Glen Greenwald at and read his 2006 book "How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok." Both are two of the best that journalism has to offer and neither is tied to behemoth media corporatists.

Matt Taibbi's February 16, 2011 article in Rolling Stone entitled "Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? -- financial crooks brought down the world's economy -- but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them" is an excellent piece (Link below).

If this does not arouse your anger and provoke you to do something, say something, write something or support those who are on our side than nothing short of utter financial ruin, the government spying on you, arresting you without cause, or god forbid torturing you could.

Obviously, things have deteriorated in this country since the disastrous thirty years of the Republican with some Democratic help rule ensured the dismantling of the protections upon which we, the middle class, used to rely. Our economics as witnessed by what is happening in Wisconsin this week is slowly being taken over by the politicians who are beholden through the Supreme Court decision "Citizens United" to the corporate behemoths who can now give unlimited and NON transparent cash to anyone. This is the final nail in our economic coffin. Wealth belongs now to the top 2%. The rest of us punt. America, sustained by its middle class, is slowly dying and those in power do not give a damn. Ignore it at your peril, at the peril of your children and their children for decades to come!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justice’s Arc -- Madoff, the Banksters, Ponzi and Fraud

NEWS FLASH: Madoff says banks “had to know” of Ponzi Sheme!

I think of Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy” dressed in one of her clown outfits saying in a male husky low classless voice: “NOOO, NOOO, NO you don’t say!” Maybe you must be a child of the 50’s to understand what I mean for it to be audible in your mind’s ear. Simply asked, why does Madoff’s statement “they had to know” not shock me at all? It does not shock me because to quote a web site "The First Post" Harry Markopolos, the self confessed math nerd, fraud examiner and wizard knew almost immediately after several hours of investigation into Madoff's Ponzi scheme that Madoff's investments were a massive fraud. He even wrote a book about it entitled “No One Would Listen.” He testified before Congress in startling detail about Madoff as well. Markopolos says "Here was a man that wiped out thousands of families. If he didn't have a reason to kill me, think about the feeder funds... They're all going to be ruined financially... What will people do to protect their lifestyles?"

Markopolos, feared for his life because after this genius’s mathematically precise investigation of Madoff’s illegalities he complained to the SEC assiduously for years that his mathematical proofs revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Madoff's investment scheme could not be statistically possible. No one at the SEC listened or if they did they probably did not WANT to know. I wonder why. The layers on this slime run deep as does our entire Ponziesque financial debacle.

It always seemed to me not coincidental that the primordial ooze from which Madoff sprang ran parallel to our Wall Street banking, housing market, rating system and credit default swap fraud. I often thought that many of the banksters involved in our taxpayer massive bailout had to know about Madoff and if they did they probably looked the other way because they did not want to be the pot calling the kettle black.

The big boys, perpetrating their own phantasmagorically huge financial fraud in the US Wall Street banking, housing and investment industries where people in high places know a lot about what goes on around the block, probably knew what was happening in Madoff Land. So many were committing their own fraud multiplied by gazillions AND they know a LOT about each other.

It will be interesting to see whom the government pursues after this revelatory statement by the heretofore silent Bernie Madoff. I am counting that the change for which I voted will not be in vain. If a Democratic president does not stand up against those in the marketplace of wholesale greed and unregulated fraud who spit in the face of the essence of America itself then against whom WILL he stand up? I am waiting patiently to see the political genius I thought I knew work his magic. Prosecute the scum responsible for our current economic disaster, still simmering, within an inch of their ugly lives and make sure this never happens again. I want the arc of justice about which the president talks, for once, to turn towards me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Warren Warrior: Ever since I saw Prof. Warren interviewed on Bill Moyers I knew she had the gravitas, depth and superior intellect to run for any political office. There can be NO doubt that she is infinitely superior in every way to Scott Brown and she is on the correct side of the political isle -- the side of the middle class. She is a warrior for us. Her special economic academic skills should make her a prime candidate and an easy winner BUT the question is can that be conveyed to a part of the public that thinks someone with a cool jacket, chiseled looks and a truck make him qualified. He isn't BUT SHE IS. I would vote for her in a heartbeat second! I hope you will consider signing the following petition. For those of you who do not live in Massachusetts please pass this on to someone does.

Daily Kos is starting a campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren for the 2012 Massachusetts Senate campaign. They have a petition going here:

They are going to deliver the signatures and comments to Elizabeth Warren herself. Please sign up!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Letter to Bob Herbert: Bob Herbert's editorial in the New York Times today entitled "When Democracy Weakens" (link below) was particularly meaningful to me because it included a quote from the Boston University professor and activist Howard Zinn. I knew Bob Herbert quoted Prof. Zinn correctly because Prof. Zinn said the same thing to me as well. I wrote the following:

Dear Mr. Herbert. I was so happy when you mentioned that lunch you had with Howard Zinn. Prof. Zinn was my mentor at BU during the turbulent 60's. He was instrumental in forming the perimeters of my political belief. When I became disabled five years ago because of post polio issues he and I corresponded via email many times. I began to write opinions on my blog and in letters columns as well. The questions I have on things political are endless and I barraged them endlessly to him.

I also saw Howard Zinn in a restaurant in Newton, MA and we chatted a bit. He told me that he had had lunch with you and considered you to be one of the finest journalists he knew. I concurred with him on that point. When I became saddened or depressed over the political right wing trajectory of our nation he infused me with hope by saying the very same thing about which you wrote and that is that change, when it comes, will do so NOT from the top down but from the bottom up. He also said to me it was more important who was in front of the White House than who was in it.

I wonder now what he would have thought of Egypt. I am sure he would have loved it. But more importantly for this country, whose braggadocio is endless, what would he have thought of the "bottom up" Tea Partiers, Republican takeover and Democratic bloodbath in the House and all that you iterated in your opinion. I think the Tea Partiers were NOT the type of grass roots change he had in mind.

These people do not see how the corporatocracy has co-opted their American Dream. The blind war-like patriotism and racism, too, are the corporatist weaponry of choice which appeals to the mostly white, red state and older part of a fragmented nation . I fear it is working and that group has no idea what the oligarchy has in store for them. Quoting in pertinent part, George Carlin who said "Don't expect anything. The game is rigged. ... It's a club ... and you ain't in it!"

My politics has wax and waned over the years but I TRY to remember the prescient advice Prof. Zinn bestowed upon me although sometimes it is difficult to believe what he maintained and helped orchestrate all of his life. His death was a personal intellectual tragedy for me. Some people cannot be replaced and he, to me, surely is one!

"Why you will always exist": People who know me are aware (probably ad nauseam) of my perennial big question dilemmas whether political, personal, religious or existential. I have always been intrigued by the larger questions of life, its meaning, where we fit in the spectrum of things and, most importantly of all, why. What happens after death and what IS the purpose of it all? I came across an article on Huffington Post which I link below.

It really does not answer the why of things as, I believe, nothing really can unless, of course, one has faith which remains in short supply in my own universe. I am, however, open minded and always thinking, searching and reading works of scientists and others that try to explain what is seemingly unfathomable, infinite and, for now and maybe forever, inexplicable.

Dr. Lana's article (link below) "Why You Will Always Exist: Time Is 'On Demand' " caught my eye. I am not sure I understand it all and walk away from it feeling still quizzical. It is an interesting article, though, and gives one pause for thought. If any of you read this and have thoughts on it I, of course, welcome them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

WOW...I have a lump in my throat with a tear streaming down my cheek as the Egyptian people prove that change can come from the bottom up. I HOPE that this effort at democracy continues to be a wonderful moment not only for Egypt but for the world.

This Jewish person wants more than anything in life for there to be peace, mutual understanding and cultural exchange between our people. I wish them well. As our own Ben Franklin said: "You have a republic IF you can keep it."

Keep it Egypt, sustain our hope!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Room in the Inn: Jeff Jacoby's editorial in The Globe yesterday "No room at the table for the Muslim brotherhood" was excellently written and spot on correct. My alarm bells are on hair trigger alert when the smell of an organized religious usurpation of government power is in the air. I could not agree with Supreme Court Justice Jackson's prescient words more. "The Bill of Rights is NOT a suicide pact."

Those that gain power as adherents to dogmatic religious institutions talk a fair democratic sweet game before they assume power and quite another authoritarian one when they actually take the throne. The US and Israel are quite correct to worry. It is exactly as Jeff Jacoby said. When Islamic fundamentalism, its call to
jihad and imposition of Sharia law take hold it does not take long before all other opposition is silenced if not obliterated.

I would, however, expand his ideological point of view. My flashing red lights go into a frenzy when our own nation's religious interference in the rules of the state, through the vehicle of the Republican party, become stuck to the mechanics of government. Islamic fundamentalism is frightening when it assumes the power of the state BUT it is no less frightening when Christian (or even Jewish) fundamentalists want to crush opposition to the constitutionally mandated church state separation in our own country. Our nation seems often to be going Middle Ages backward as adherence to fundamentalist Christianity has now become the litmus test for entrance into a Republican political party and its ultimate quest for power.

I am an equal opportunity employer. Religion intertwined with the state is a recipe for disaster. I am no less frightened of in our own nation than I am in Egypt. Religion tied to the state is an anathema to democratic politics everywhere. I see Mr. Jacoby glaringly omitted that fact!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Wonderful Book: I read "The Invisible Wall" written at age 96 by Harry Bernstein (he is now 100 years old!) It is a beautiful, intriguing and an emotionally poignant work. My copy is tear-stained in more than one place as I related to many segments about Mr. Bernstein's childhood and his life's journey. It takes place at turn-of-the-20th-century England in a mixed blue collar neighborhood which saw Jews living on one side of the street and Christians on the other. It encompasses the Jewish experience of Anti-Semitism in the WWI era, both groups' grudging acceptance of each other and travels his own personal journey with its twists, turns and heartache as he climbed with courage and innocence the Mt. Everest of a difficult life.

It reminded me a little bit of Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" but from a Jewish perspective. There are too many chapters for which I could wax ebullient. In short, I thought it was a wonderful book and very well worth reading. He gives inspiration to those of us whose experience did not turn out quite as we expected it would. He breathes hope into a tired spirit many times slowed by life's vicissitudes.

Mr. Bernstein, gives me inspiration. His book conveys that it is never too late to pick up the remaining pieces and begin anew.

I am profoundly touched by this work!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Current Keith: For all you who love Keith Olbermann politically as I do or even if you are not thrilled with him he will be joining "Current TV." If you have FIOS as I do he will be on Channel 192. If you have Comcast he is on that but I do not know the channel number, likewise for Direct TV. RCN I am not sure but I think he will be on RCN.

I believe he has not started yet as his contract with MSNBC must run out. It looks now like Current at least tonight does not have much I would be interested in. Other days I am not sure. You can look it up if you Google Current TV.

I for one am THRILLED that FIOS has it as I am absolutely smitten with Keith Olbermann. I just love him and think he is brilliant. I am glad he is on my side of the political fence and I hope he is utterly successful in his new venture! If I were younger -- MUCH younger I would apply for a job at Current TV, wherever the hell it is!;-)

Did I ever tell you I loath winter. I cannot wait for spring!

Monday, February 07, 2011

A Liberal's Lament: This morning I read the story in the NYT of the AOL buy-out of and merger with Huffington Post, one of the most predominant liberal news sources and blogs in the country. (See link below for the story.) I believe the conservative giants are eating the progressive media for lunch and therefore the public is getting a toxic diet of news that not only represents right wing opinion but dramatically and often lies to convey it. I wrote to the NYT’s blog (with a few changes made) where it possibly will be posted. I said:

When I first read the headline of the AOL buyout of Huffinton Post, my heart sank. It says AOL is apolitical but I am not so sure I see AOL as that. Maybe it is simply my own progressive perception but I did not view AOL, with their “Today on AOL” subliminally skewed news headlines, as an entity that evoked the liberalism Arianna Huffington Huffington’s Post did. Again, I thought the right wing media is trying to gobble up the news market and neutralize what small amount of progressive opinion there is. First MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann appears to have vaporized after the Comcast buyout of GE and now Huffington Post is merging with AOL. Huffington Post and MSNBC are two of my moral compasses which seem to be disappearing before my eyes. If, as the article says, Arianna Huffington keeps control of Huffington Post’s editorial content then maybe my heart can stop skipping beats. We shall see.

I, of course, rabidly detest Fox No News News and the 95% control of the radio market by dozens of other right wing extremist media gargantuans. They make it impossible for intellectually cogent viewpoints on the left to be heard by an American public who has a paucity of well-informed historical knowledge and poorly formed political opinion based often on gross distortions if not boldfaced lies of Fox News and those like it.

I am still in mourning over Keith Olbermann. He was so much a part of my life. Both Huffington and Keith delivered a mighty wallop to the impact of so called "conservative news." We, as progressive consumers of news, need solid news reporting. Please, Ms. Huffington, secure this new venture's place so it never slides over to the right wing side of the aisle. And, by the way, if you see Keith Olbermann please tell him his voice is missed. Every night at 8:00 p.m. something important is missing from my life. It is this liberal’s lament.