Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Red States from Guatemala the Blue States from Scandinavia"

If there is a better article supplementing E.J. Dionne's Book "Our Divided Political Heart -- The Battle for the American Idea in An Age of Discontent" and the ideas behind the historical split of our nation, I have not found it.  I urge you to read this excellent article written by Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic entitled: "Blue States are from Scandinavia, Red States are from Guatemala" -A theory of a divided nation here or below.  

I have also provided a link to A.J. Dionne's book "Our Divided Political Heart" as well here or below which, although I have read only parts of it, I believe tries to  understand historically the seismic split of our nation and how to repair it.

Editorial Comment: If you live in Massachusetts and the other blue states consider yourself VERY fortunate indeed!

Utube -- LIES Romney told in Debate No. 1

This needs to go viral. It explains ALL the Romney lies in Debate No. 1. Spread the word! It is here or below (hard data on Mitt’s many lies in Debate 1)