Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A July 4th Symphony

On the day of the celebration of our nation's birth, I know most of you understand the imperatives of our national condition. If we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief because the President's Affordable Care Act was upheld by the most unlikely conservative justice on the Court, I submit our relief is misguided.

Instead of Republicans acquiescing to the realities of our system of government resigning themselves to its dictates, Republicans along with their misguided, often uneducated and sometimes ignorant Tea Bag allies are energized like never before to overturn it all. If Republicans are victorious in November, hold the House, turn the Senate red, and win the presidency their guns will then be turned not only on the Affordable Care Act but on Medicare and Social Security as well. They will take our ship of state reactionarily back to the late19th century age of robber barons and steer us yet again toward the iceberg of another Great Depression.

Republican dedication to the election of Willard Mitt Romney as president and turning the Congress all red is in emergency mode. NONE of us should revel in the complacency of an important health care victory because Republicans will commit any fraud, commit attempts at voter suppression, commit any treason to usurp power no matter how illegal, no matter how perfidious and no matter how immoral to make voting for Democrats as difficult as possible ensuring Republicans win by any means necessary.

Our survival, our nation's survival and in actuality our planet's survival will be held hostage to know nothings who are ignorant of their corporate masters and who listen 24/7 to the continuous lies of the greatest media corporatist liar of all time, Fox News. Our president is the ONLY one especially if aided by a Democratic Congress who could save our nation from this impending catastrophe.

The fires in the west are a metaphor for a nation that is burning with the fires of climate change. The fires, too, are burning with words of interposition and nullification as some Republican controlled states are threatening to refuse huge federal benefits the health care law will bestow. It is burning with lies about Wall Street fraud and its nexus to our great economic hardship. Most especially, it is burning with outrageous lies about our president -- impugning his stature, insulting his person and defiling the office of the presidency itself. Mitch McConnell, Republican Minority Leader said it best -- "The Republican Party is dedicated to one thing and that is making Barack Obama a one term president." He says this with pride, he says this with glee, and he says this with determination no matter how many it would hurt. Republicans are impervious to the suffering middle class and the poor of our nation.

The right wing is violent, it is racist, it is science denying and it is composed of religious fanatics who, if elected, WILL destroy the fabric of our country -- the heretofore most advanced nation in the western world. Evolution will see to it that those who deny science will die by nature's own hand.

The Republican symphony of doom, a funereal fugue of descending notes that plays a cacophony of sour sounds is ruining all that is sweet and melodious about our nation gleaned and hard fought for over centuries. They stand poised to ruin it all for generations to come.

Onward to re-elect the president and the brilliant candidate from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren to US Senate.