Thursday, October 27, 2016

My 2 cents on the latest [yawn] Wikileaks dump

The latest Wikileaks release (FUNNY HOW WIKILEAKS NEVER RELEASES ANYTHING ABOUT REPUBLICANS OR TRUMP) about Clinton Foundation money raised is just another one that will ultimately be addressed and then disappear into the mist. Why? Big surprise Foundations MUST raise money from large corporations.

When one is in a position to form a Foundation money must be raised for that Foundation. There is no other way to do it but to have surrogates go out and procure money from those multi-million dollar corporations which can afford it.

The Clinton Foundation is involved in [according to Wikileaks] the following:

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and CGI U, Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), Clinton Development Initiative (CDI), The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI0, Disaster relief to name but a few.

It goes on to say the No Ceilings project In 2013, established a partnership between the foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to gather and study data on the progress of women and girls around the world since the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. This is called "No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project" and many many more.
The Clinton Foundation has spent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars on charities to uplift those who need it around the globe. Nearly 90% of what it raises goes to the charities for which they procure the donations. There is no other way to do this but for connected people within that Foundation to raise that money from large corporations which also may include giving speeches. It's reality. Money does not just float into AIDS treatment or improvement of water or treatment of those with Zika virus or Ebola or find cures for a myriad of other diseases out of thin air. It is RAISED by people within the Foundation who do so from very large lucrative corporations which donate that money to improve lives of those who cannot afford to improve their own. In turn it improves the public face of those companies that give. That is the ONLY way money can be raised. Foundations raise money and large companies give their money to do good and also hope to see their own bottom line improve because it is positive for them to be seen as charitable entities.

FURTHER NO PAY TO PLAY has ever been proven against Secretary Clinton and none further has ever been proven that she used her position as Secretary of State for pay to play purposes. Period end of story.

At least no one took money from the Clinton Foundation for a 12 foot picture of themselves. Look into the Trump Foundation which has allegedly given very little to any charities about which Trump has lied that he has raised and, further, is why Trump will not release his taxes. He does not want the electorate to see what he has NOT given but says he has among a myriad of other questionable activities about which he allegedly lied. Donald Trump is a con. One should understand that by now.


Concede, Contest and Consent

Even though Hillary will probably win significantly and if she does any other sane Republican opposition would concede an election in a heart beat as is the American tradition it is different for Trump and his supporters who have no hearts. He will do anything to stick it to the nation he says he loves and better still he will do anything to hurt the Republican Party who has only itself to blame for this Frankenstein monster whom it created but who will kill it first.

In addition to the chasm in the Republican Party that has existed for quite some time there is another gum-up-the works tactic about which they must significantly worry. Rachel Maddow talked about a "Consent Decree" see in her video segment entitled "RNC in legal trouble over Trump call for poll-watchers."

Briefly, the Republicans are under a Consent Decree order from the court barring them from trolling the polls or "monitoring fraud" a/k/a "Poll Watchers" as they promote their preventing election fraud fraudulent agenda. The Consent Decree has been in effect since 1981 when Republicans "monitored" polls with phony ID's and signs to allegedly catch them in the act of committing election fraud. Who is them? Do they watch heavily Republican polls? Heck NO only those polls with a heavy African American and Democratic turnout. It is yet another voter suppression technique Republicons carry in their suppress-the-vote (the Democratic vote) democracy destroying and Republican election winning nuclear weaponry arsenal. Ironically, though fraud is rare, its business of fraudulent fraud catching is booming in Republican Gunsmoke land and those John Wayne Republicons are going to catch the bad guys -- only Democrats, of course.

Every time Drumpf tells his supporters to monitor the vote he is violating the 1981 Consent Decree ordering them to cease and desist from poll watching that is monitoring and intimidating black voters to suppress their vote i.e. the Democratic vote. If they violate this order, which I am sure they will, instead of it expiring in 2017 it will expire in 2025. Republicans want desperately for this Consent Decree to be removed but Trump is foiling their chances and the RNC is going berserk over it.

The threat is that the RNC will pull away from Trump and say to the court they are not connected to him. Just how they are going to do that I have no idea. Perhaps it is another trick in their bag of many tricks. BTW, Democrats have already filed a suit against the RNC because of new poll trolling attempts complete with green Pepe the Frog badges, a symbol now of white supremacy. I cannot wait to see how that goes down in Little House on Republican Land!