Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Shakesperian Tragedy: I have loved both Hillary and Barak. I do not, however, understand how a candidate could even think her assassination comment would not engender scrutiny. Exhaustion is no excuse. I would say it was a gaffe, bad phraseology or that she COULD CERTAINLY have described it differently BUT she had said it three times previously using the word assassination at least once before. She could have said one can never tell anything can happen during a campaign and left it at that.

She should know there are going to be cameras, microphones and tape recordings EVERYWHERE so she damn well better be careful what she says and to whom she says it. Candidates cannot blame the media, even if the media report to excess. They know the climate before they run for the presidency or they CERTAINLY should.

Because this was said so many times before I think she knew EXACTLY what she was saying and that it was not a gaffe. That is EXTRAORDINARILY disturbing even to one who appreciates Hillary Clinton's phenomenal abilities.

God forbid a trillion times if anything were ever to happen to ANY of the candidates there would be hell to pay; the country so many of us love would, this time, I fear be unrecognizable. To say something repeatedly that would even touch upon this horrific thought is more than absurd it is sick. In Shakespearian fashion this fatal flaw of ambition gone wild should sink her ambition but good!