Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Can someone transplant his brain into mine--AMAZING child!!

Five year old genius Arden Hayes would make Steve Jobs proud.
Not only can he hold his own when discussing United States politics and world geography, but Hayes proved his Real Genius when offered a free Sony Xperia tablet during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. “Well you could just give it away because we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas.”

A Mirror -- The economy in summary

I looked at a story on Huffington entitled "Income Inequality Is Hurting The Economy, 3 Dozen Economists Say" which I paste here or below for your interest. One blogger, I thought, gave the best response to this mixed opinion of 36 economists and mirrored my own.

She said:

Just like every other truly important part of life, we need a "government" that has the power to do what needs to be done. "Man" and "corporations" will only do the right thing when they are forced to do it. The GOP has made "regulation" an evil word, but where would we be if our laws did not exist? Asking a company to be a "team player" for the society really shouldn't be too much to ask, right? Success for society has always equaled success for business. The GOP's tag line for their 2012 national convention was "We built that". And so they have. The GOP has built the most unbalanced pay scale, overturning all the progress of the 20th century, progress that created a middle class in our economy. Mitt Romney visited China and admired the fact that their workers lived in dormitories with dozens of people sharing one bathroom. That's the GOP's ecstasy dream for the American worker too. And so they actively campaign to deregulate our nation, for the benefit of the owners not the workers. I can't figure out how the GOP ever manages to receive even 10% of the votes, since they only work the wealthiest 10% of our nation. It's time to WAKE UP those that do the work and undo all the policies that only benefit the ones that own them!

I could not have said it better myself. Why electing Democrats, while not a perfect Party, WILL be life saving for the preponderance of the middle class and thereby further rescue the nation. Pass this opinion on if you so choose.