Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OUT OF THE PARK--The President's Speech in Boston

My email to NBC News:

Brian Williams, if you report anything but the fact that the President HIT THIS SPEECH IN BOSTON OUT  OF THE PARK THEN YOU WILL LOSE ME AS A VIEWER!  The president's speech on healthcare was MAGNIFICENT and to report it as anything but is simply WRONG and immoral.

If NBC continues to skew the news to the right you will lose me as a viewer entirely.  The president was BRILLIANT.  Give him credit for that.

Mr. President, you hit a grand slam, as we hope the Red Sox do tonight, now let's see the media admit it!!!

I simply wanted to see if I could get connected to and I did in seconds. You may if you like use this statement as proof positive that if one comes from a state that is not in obstructive opposition to the ACA that one can easily be connected. Those who are screaming the most often come from the reddest states and if conservative government rules those states than obstruction of the president is the rule. 
I believe the positive stories MUST be told as those malevolent toward the president will do anything to subvert him. We MUST support this ACA act.
I want support for this president's supreme signature legislation to work you may use my email to prove that there are many out there for whom the ACA works and works well one simply must come from a state that is receptive to it!!

Why we MUST elect Democrats in 2014 all over the nation. Republicans have NOTHING absolutely NOTHING with which to replace the Affordable Health Care Act. They can criticize it to be sure but have NOTHING to offer. Another reason as if we needed one to work for Democrats within the Democratic Party!