Saturday, August 28, 2010

Toxic Brew: The November elections of 2010 are as important as the 2008 election and maybe more because there is SO much at stake. The opposition is simply mean, cruel and utterly racist. The NERVE of right wing white racists organizing at the foot of where Martin Luther King, perhaps the GREATEST black civil rights leader in this country gave his memorable speech 47 years ago today, is astounding and makes me physically ill. I wish I had the physical ability to help but I cannot walk for any length of time. Whatever I can do from the computer I do. I have emailed hundreds, blogged thousands of times over the past two years, contributed what I am able to causes for social justice. I cannot impress upon us enough how much is at stake. It is HUGE.

WHATEVER criticisms we may have had over the past two years of Democrats NONE of that matters now. The stakes are too high. I NEVER throw around words like fascist or tyranny lightly. To do that is to obviate their meaning BUT the tea party is made up of many and some are, indeed, nationalistic fascists in some ways truly similar to Germany of the 1930's. The groups run the gambit from NRA gun toting extremists, American Nazis, Birchers, White Citizens Councils, anti tax groups, to those who simply hate the economy, health care and are scared of the times including the changing demographics they see. Some would roll back Social Security and Medicare, the greatest social safety nets ever instituted in this country which have saved countless lives.

What is facilitating this toxic brew, is the most significant economic recession in our history instituted by most especially George W. Bush, et al. The total global economic system COULD have collapsed and Bush himself signed the bailout. Scapegoating is what happens when economic conditions deteriorate. The rightwing attacks one minority after another. Today it is Hispanics, gays, African Americans, innocent Muslims and sometimes Jews as well. Tomorrow it could be any of us. The Beck rally on one side of Washington, D.C. and Rev. Sharpton on the other is ominous.

The main thing is to remain cool, calm but committed to what we have to do and that is GET OUT THE VOTE EVERYWHERE IN NOVEMBER and not just in Mass. but other states as well! Check out the tea baggers that are in play in other states like Bachmann idiot of Minnesota, Scott in Florida, Rubio in Florida and MOST of all that disgusting jerk Angel of Nevada. We MUST keep Harry Reed AND Pelosi. It would be nice if Murkowski did not fall in Alaska but absentees might not do it. I am hoping beyond hope she can prevail. At least she is moderate, a dying species in Republican world.

We MUST do what we can. Despite criticism of our president he has done his best, I think, with the rancid and corrupt environment, economy, and wars he was bestowed after eight years of illegally corrupt Bush rule. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS now but to stop this movement in its tracks. This threat is the most significant systemic threat I have seen in over 40 years of watching the American political scene because it is directed at the legislature and Republicans of power are taking advantage of the climate. They will OVERRULE all the good that has been done so far and devote themselves, IF they gain power, to continuous investigation of the Obama administration and offer nothing but the mired ruinous rule they have for decades.

Make no mistake Republicans will not be as kind to Obama as he has been to them. They will do everything they can to take down this administration including impeaching and convicting our president. As ridiculous as this seems given the honorable intentions of our president and huge problems he inherited, it is true. In view of all the illegalities committed by Team Bush, a Republican controlled legislature would be a prosecutorial theater of the absurd. The hypocrisy would be glaring. It is a toxic brew.

I am not a praying person BUT I have become one! I send my good will to ALL of you who help in any way you can.