Monday, August 02, 2010

A Monument and a Name: A relative alerted me to an EXCELLENT series published online by historians at the Jewish memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem, in Israel entitled "Insights and Perspectives from Holocaust Researchers and Historians." (Link below) These are fifteen VIDEO short lectures on the Holocaust as it relates to anti-Semitism, Holocaust history, the rise of Nazism and the experience of the Jews of the Holocaust as well as how it pertains to the establishment of the State of Israel.

No matter what your viewpoint, these lectures are worthwhile because they are given by academics who relate the scrupulously documented evidentiary truth of this still incredulously flaming "debate" about the veracity of the Holocaust, the present day virulent anti-Semitism accompanying Holocaust denial, and truth behind the establishment of the State of Israel. The lectures are fascinating if you are interested in this subject. Look to the left of the web site for the various short lectures for those which may interest you. The video short lectures include:

The Auschwitz Bombing Controversy
Icons of the Holocaust
The Holocaust and the Establishment of the State of Israel
The Righteous Among the Nations a Unique Program
The Nature of Modern Anti-Semitism
The Uniqueness of Nazi Anti-Semitism
Why Did World War II Break Out
Confronting Holocaust Denial: A strategy
Where Did the Nazis Take the Term "Ghetto" From and Why
The German Judiciary in Eastern Galicia and its Contribution to the Holocaust
Dutchmen in Europe and the Dream of a Greater Germanic Empire
The Development of the Final Solution
Women in the Holocaust
The Catastrophe of Salonikan Jewry and the Looting of Their Property
Hanging by a Thread: Reflections on Being a Jew During the Holocaust

I submit the history of the Jews and the Holocaust is enmeshed with the general history of all of us in modernity and it is, of course, a profound element of our current Middle East dilemmas of war and peace. Yad Vashem literally from the Hebrew means: a Monument and a Name.