Wednesday, January 04, 2017


I urge you to watch the video.


Comment: The overturning of the Republican efforts to eradicate the neutral ethics office shows one just how much influence the grass roots can have IF they overwhelm these immorals with phone calls, sit ins, and organized protest. WE CAN DO IT if we overwhelm them with protest. Those who supported Hillary are persons of empathy and understanding.  

Never forget and never cease to tell our opposition that she received 3 MILLION more votes than Trump. That says something.  The anachronistic electoral college is obsolete and should be repealed.  We know Republicans will not repeal it. Republicans can ONLY win by nefarious means because their opposition is the TRUE majority.   IF there were no such thing as gerrymandered districts and voter suppression think how different the electoral results would have been.  Republicans can only win when they cheat.  Democrats, progressives and others of good will do NOT give up.  As Keith Olbermann says:  RESIST!

 The PSA stars Chris Burbank (Center for Policing Equity), Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black), Sally Field (Lincoln), Tavi Gevinson (Rookie Magazine), Yasmeen Hassan (Equality Now), Rabbi David Ingber, Zoe Kazan (Olive Kittredge), Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu), Naeem Khan (designer), Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Imam Khalid Latif (University Chaplain, NYU), Reverend Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Janet Mock (MSNBC), Rosie Perez (Search Party), Ai-jen Poo (National Domestic Workers Alliance), Bruce Ratner (New York city developer), Bishop Gene Robinson, Toure (author), and Jeffrey Wright (Westworld). Directed by Liz Garbus, who made our “It’s Not Okay” video, with a script by Liz and Laura Dawn, produced by Tanya Selvaratnam with Sarah Sophie Flicker, Mikaela Beardsley, and Laura Michalchyshyn. Edited by Eric Rockey.