Monday, July 09, 2012

Vulgarities, American Culture and Dangerous Times

I am attaching here and below a wonderful article entitled "Whatever Happened to Shame" written by K.F. Stone from a web site I am regularly sent by him.  
K.F. Stone is kind, insightful, sincere and always refreshingly humane. His article about the dastardly lies and profanity hurled wily nily against our president of color should give us pause for thought. The lack of shame for these lies, which has become the decorative wallpaper of part of our nation, is profoundly disturbing.

The lies people even of stature, who should know better, perpetrate make me furious. If, however, they make me furious the right wing know-nothings and racist psychotics succeed in doing exactly what they want to do and that is to foment discord and hostility in the nation. I try to tamp down my anger but admit I do not always succeed nor do I know what the remedy for the vicious mendacious assault on the right against our president of color is. I have thought often about the vulgarities of our culture. It is curious to me that the so called "family values" advocates exude some of the most hateful, profane speech and perpetrate the ugliest deeds.

The late 60's, a time I admittedly loved, did usher in a new freedom which the so called "moral majority" was dedicated to oppose. It seems, though, the right has harvested a grain of filthy verbosity and made that part of their own repertoire the Sixties communication revolution advocates never expected. They baked their own right wing cake of poison with a concoctive mixture of blindingly twisted racist hate and spewed it upon our African American president caring nothing for the grandeur of the office of the presidency itself sometimes even alluding horrifically to a radical elimination of this president couched in Second Amendment fury. What to do? Maybe the answer is to spread articles like K.F. Stone's far and wide, hope it gains traction and sticks. I suspect those who most need to read and understand it will not.

Sometimes I think we on the left opened up the verbal floodgates of free expression and critical thinking unfortunately including in its flying carpet a profanity the squalid aspects of which were sewn into its tapestry. Now the genie, long out of the bottle, is spreading racist hate on the right the morality for which the left did not stand nor expect. Unfortunately we cannot put this flying carpeted genie back into the bottle and it seems all hell has sadly broken loose as times are now more dangerous than they have ever been!

It is why we need to re-elect the President and candidate for US Senate, Elizabeth Warren, now more than ever before!