Saturday, October 09, 2010

Media Matters: Does it EVER!” The article "Damage Control" by Media Matters (link below) says it all about the nature of a pathetically HUGE part of the American electorate who will step in line to the music of a right wing march that these battalions of evil purveyors of lies like Fox News convey. The forces against those of reason are SO overwhelming, SO evil, SO mean and SO toxic that for the first time in my life I wonder if I shouldn’t just leave.

If Republicans take over the Congress it WILL mean the American economy will sink to new depths, perhaps into even another Great Depression for a LONG time. It is what the salivating Republicans waiting in the wings want. If you need to ask why then you have not been paying attention to the months of unbridled hatred directed against the president which runs racist deep. The forces of right wing fanatical darkness will do ANYTHING, even plunge this nation into an economic sewer, if they can jet propel this president out of office to seize power so the minions of madness and corporate greed which brought us to this sinkhole will prevail. So many in droves fall for their putrid deceptive perception.

We will have no more country left if this viral avalanche of corporate greed and money is allowed to infect our electorate which it already has. It is, I think, beyond redemption as a large part of the public eschews academic excellence and reason duped by the proponents of stupidity. The right wing money machine enabled by the Supreme Court Citizen's United decision counting corporations as people allowed the insertion of the bile of unlimited money into the sinews of the American political landscape. It is so relentless and the sheep-like people SO ignorant who number in the millions that if I could manage a ticket and instant citizenship to a SMART, educationally sophisticated and science loving republic I might for the first time in my life be tempted.

To understand the superfluous stupidity of the masses read the Huffington Post article (link below) entitled: "Republicans Prefer Strip Clubs Over Mosque at Grown Zero" to see how utterly valueless a large part of the population is. Our culture has gone haywire. All one needs to do is read about the girl from Duke University who decided it would be just such a neat idea to plaster her myriad of sexual exploits on the Internet, of course, only for her friends -- which became the immediate world -- to see. It ALL fits into to the classless pathology of unreasoned stupidity that has overtaken this nation. It is all around us from college women having sex puffed-up-proud of their behavioral anarchy to an explosive right wing media which will not call out lies even when they KNOW the lies are patently ABSURD. It defies credulity how low our nation has sunk whether the personal or the political.

Any fiction is believable if a media soaked in cash wants to sell it and so much of an undiscerning public wants to buy it. Money, historically, has been the key and one can make plenty of it even if one is a woman who places her sexual exploits on the Internet OR even if one is the dumbest Palinesque idiot in the land. They laugh all the way to the bank capturing millions from an unaware clueless public ready to believe anything most especially if it comes from a pretty face.

We have seen the Goebels mantra of media come true. Tell the big lie enough by controlling the media and you will control everything. The sheeple WILL stand in line to be led off the cliff but will bring untold millions of bucks to those who lead them. Just ask Sharon Angle, the tea bag fringe wacko senatorial candidate from Nevada to tell you how it works. Ultimately through their evil efforts they will effectively condemn the middle class and the poor to endless suffering, sickness and early death as they will relegate society’s hard fought for safety nets of healthcare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to the greedy private sector investment banks which we know worked so well for everyone in 2008. One wonders who they will hire then to carry their bags.

November WILL be telling but I am not sure I want to be around to watch the potentially pathetic results as America is ready to return to power to those who brought us to the dance of economic collapse in the first place.