Monday, October 01, 2012


The Supreme Court favorite question asked by David Gregory is the one that Brown blew by his answer a hole as wide as the ocean!!! He chose Scalia and then when he squirmed and figured this was NOT the right answer or it was the "right" answer in an electorate that is not rightwingnut so he went to Kennedy and then to Sotomayer! The audience had first a boo and then a laugh at this preposterous answer. THIS is the question that marks Brown's loss and pegs him as one of the DUMBEST senators posing as someone who is supposed to be smart. He isn't. He is a bully who happens to throw his weight around and knows how to be a politician.

Elizabeth Warren was SUPERB, utterly brilliant and her answer to that question she zinged over the plate with a pitch of about 100 MPH. She said simply and smiling as she KNEW this was Brown's death blow as she said: Kagan. Yep she got an "A++" This is Scott Brown's Waterloo answer to a question that was simple and it could not have happened to a more significant BULLY and all around JERK!

Good Luck

Good luck to the lovely, dignified and brilliant Elizabeth Warren. She is our Song of Solomon, a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies!!

Not So Fine with Me

I encourage you to read this attached article by Jonathan Chait in Reader Supported News entitled "The Poetic Justice of Romney’s Self Immolation" here or below.
This is a perfect article and right on the money (pardon the pun.)  No surprises from Mitt Romney here.
The American political right now residing in the Republican Party is mean, racist, and presently MOST unethical as we can now see by the Republican voter suppression tactics in all the major so called swing states.  There is something, I believe, about my liberal compatriots that says we would never deprive anyone in our nation of that which makes us us - the ability to cast a vote.  It is for most of us the only power we have.  But the right does NOT care.  If anything they want to remove even from life itself those who think a nation has the duty to provide those who cannot help themselves the basics - food, clothing, shelter and health care. 
Romney and his Republican Party of charlatans and those know nothings who do not know enough to figure out Romney does not give a damn about anyone but himself and those of his own class.  His class does not include most Tea Baggers who erroneously think Romney cares about them.  He doesn’t.
If one thinks back to the picnic table campaign lunch Romney had with middle class people one can read his body language to see how ill at ease he was with the regular folks of Bethel Park, Pittsburgh.  He even insulted their freely-provided cookies.  But when he was attending the infamous 47% comment Florida dinner of those millionaires and billionaires whom he counted on for cash he felt just fine.  One can see it.
He did not fool me for a minute.  He and his Republican Party surely are not and never have been fine with me!
Why we MUST UNEQUIVOCALLY support the re-election of our president and of course elect the GREAT Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate from Massachusetts!