Monday, July 11, 2011

Do the Right Thing: I watched the entire presidential news conference. There was NOTHING with which anyone of good and fair conscience could disagree. This big deal between Republicans and Democrats that the president wants sinks or swims on Republican heads. It is simple. Tax increases for revenue or income coming in to the federal government will be SLIGHTLY increased and will (not until 2013) come FROM those who CAN afford it. It will NOT come from the majority of Americans. There is NOTHING unfair about it. IF big corporate anything – big finance, big pharma, big oil would not be agreeable to that then they DESERVE to have the country go down the drain. Make no mistake IF the debt ceiling is not raised our experiment in democracy WILL fail and those who will make it fail, Republicans, are anything but patriotic.

Cuts will be made to programs about which we as Democrats grit our teeth but will have to bear. To extend the debt ceiling it requires, as the president said, for the country to feel more comfortable that our debt is being ameliorated. Extending the debt ceiling is a no brainer. It will be on Republican heads if this simple-to-understand issue which deals with debts ALREADY incurred is not done. The full faith and credit of our country is at stake and if not done the economic survival of the US and the world WILL sputter. This has implications not only economically but defensively as well since there may be soon a 7th war in the Middle East. If we are plunged into economic chaos the rich may do fine but everyone else will not. Our very lives could be at stake.

Even IF the American public – god forbid – in 2012 elects Romney what is Romney going to do? HE will extend the debt ceiling assuming the House remains in Republican hands but by that time it will be too late. NO jobs will be created because those who have all the money will abscond with it and jobs will NOT be created here.

You will NOT want to see an America that refuses to raise taxes on the wealthy but will only cut programs for the middle class and you will not want to see an America which relies ONLY on business to create jobs. It won't. They will take jobs overseas because after all the free market will be SO free the American people be damned. If it is profits or people in Republican land profits win out exclusively. Republicans do NOT care about most of you.

The president said NOTHING with which anyone of sane mind could disagree. It's only Republicans who are mean, intractable, uncompromising and, in fact, truly unpatriotic. You want to put YOUR future in their hands? I don't think you do.

America, be smart and demand your representatives NOT be an impediment to the security of the country and to our president who, I believe despite my criticism, in good faith wants to do the right thing. The debt ceiling MUST be raised.
The Road to Perpetual War: A stream of conscious:

So let's see the below link is on MSNBC and is new Sec. of Defense Panetta threatening unilateral (another Bush invention) action against Iran: WAR NO. 7?? And just when does anyone think the US will pull out of the illegal Iraq War? As they say in the trade next Tishabov: Translation -- NEVER! We are in permanent never ending war for the foreseeable future and most likely for the rest of my own life! But hey people are protesting the Caylee Anthony trial.

As bad as what happened to that little girl was does anyone protest the hundreds of thousands killed by American forces all over the Middle East, families torn, uprooted by an unnecessary destabilizing Iraq and refugees by the millions. Where is the protest? What about bombing Libya? Another ruse. You know when people will finally figure things out? When they begin drafting your sons and daughters. Now with a volunteer army one can say they opted in but a draft would change the whole picture. If that happens welcome to Vietnam II. Stay tuned for the Great Recession II and permanent war coming to a theater near you! I can hardly wait.