Friday, August 04, 2017

Satan in a Sunday Hat -- Charles Blow + my comment

Mr. Blow, your words and their written expression are like spring flowers enveloping me with their saturated beauty.

You are unique even among the great NYT columnists. I love "Satan in a Sunday Hat" as you precisely and with gloriously beautiful, hard hitting and brilliant verbiage describe the cacophonous ugly components of our nation's executive branch in our time. Your beautifully constructed words and their syntactically perfect arrangement describe with irony those with little honesty, no beauty and ugly character who reside in this now poisonous den of albeit still historical opulence.

It is sad, even though so beautifully stated, to characterize those who occupy (I hope not for long) our executive mansion the way you do. Never, I believe, since the Civil War and before has this nation been so embarrassing, profane, disorderedly stupid and psychologically sick for all the world to see.

Yet again our once great democracy has sunk to the depths of the cultural filth of Donald J. Trump and with those malcontents whom he proudly lauds as his base.


I link your piece below for others to read.