Friday, September 12, 2008

The Perils of Palin: Sarah Palin's ear-piercing but insufficient responses to Charles Gibson's introduction to foreign policy questions were astounding. What astounds me, however, is not the fact that she did not know what was meant by the Bush Doctrine, the foundation of the Bush administration's foreign policy fiascoes for the last eight years. I am astounded that John McCain's first most important decision especially due to his age and bouts with cancer, was the choice of Sarah Palin for the number two spot on the Republican ticket. I am stunned how a man whose campaign motto is "Country First" could put his country last. I understand how the average person might not know the answer to the Bush Doctrine question but I do not understand how a vice-presidential candidate running with a man whose actuarial chances of dying in office are fairly high does not know the answer to that question. It is further indication of my belief, that she knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy issues.

She would, no less, if she felt it justified, go to war with Russia over Georgia. Is she kidding me? Given George Bush's debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, our forays now into the Pakistan border, compounded by our current economic crises this country does not have the army, the manpower, the money nor the national will to invade yet another country and court a massive confrontational war with a gargantuan Russia. Sarah Palin would take us to war at the bat of her blinking eyelashes and have her fingers on the nuclear button to boot.

Further, it would be laughable, if it were not so devastatingly important to the security of our nation, to think that both John McCain and Sarah Palin think that geographical proximity to Russia entitles them to say Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience. That is like saying I have medical experience because I can see Metrowest Hospital through my window.

This nation is in serious existential trouble if McCain/Palin prevail in November. Think about the fact of more war and the necessity that that would ultimately mean for the re-institution of the draft. Your sons AND daughters would have to go to war. If the aged and infirm McCain is unable to fulfill his role as president, would YOU want a Sarah Palin foreign policy novice extraordinaire to determine the life or death of your child? Sarah Palin is outrageously unqualified to be Vice President much less President if the situation should arise.
Truly when I see Sarah Palin and hear that piercing and sharp horrific-to-listen-to voice of hers, I am outraged. That is what those unpatriotic excuses for humanity who SUPPOSEDLY put country first WANT me to feel. They are gloating at my anger. So a cooler head MUST prevail and examine things rationally.

Sarah Palin is OUTRAGEOUSLY unqualified for the position of Vice President much less for President if the situation arises.

In her Gibson interview, Palin CLEARLY did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. Admittedly, I am a politically absorbed and pay particular attention to our larger foreign policy issues so it is not surprising that I knew, OF COURSE, what the Bush Doctrine was. HOWEVER, THIS IS A VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate running with a man who has had cancer FOUR times. I understand if the average Joe on the street doesn't know the Bush Doctrine BUT I SURELY SURELY do not understand a VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate not knowing that. It is FURTHER indication of my belief, that she knows NOTHING absolutely NOTHING about foreign affairs issues.

Moreover, SHE WOULD TAKE US TO ANOTHER WAR AND WITH RUSSIA NO LESS if Russia does something she doesn't like or PERCEIVES it does something she doesn't like. These people who support someone like she not only WANT war they LOVE war as much as they would deny that fact. I wish Gibson had been a little more pressing on the issue of Russia. Russia DID invade Georgia BUT Charlie Gibson should have asked her if Russia was in any way provoked by Georgia invading South Osessia which some allege was prodded by team Bush for it to do. The US then said to Georgia don't worry we'll assist you if anything happens. WE DIDN'T ASSIST BECAUSE WE CANNOT ASSIST. We DO NOT have the army manpower, the money or the national will to help with a flood much less another massive confrontational war with Russia no less.

Here is a woman who would take us to war at the bat of her blinking eyelashes and would have her fingers on our nuclear arsenal. We are in SERIOUS SERIOUS trouble if the McCain ticket wins. We are in EXISTENTIAL trouble. A better articulated more well thought out piece will follow for my local papers. Pass this around if you like. Everyone who has an inkling of love for this country and who cares about the safety and security of it, of ourselves and our posterity should do EVERYTHING they possibly can to get this word out to stop this outrageous woman from having a shot at the presidency. Think about the fact of more war and the necessity of the institution of the draft. Your sons AND daughters would HAVE to go to war. If you have contacts in states such as New Hampshire, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan -- all swing states -- I URGE you to contact them and spread this word. Feel free to use this email or anything I have written on my blog below. This is a SERIOUS SERIOUS thing and these are, indeed, no ordinary times.

Natalie Rosen