Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Price Above Rubies

I have said this until I am blue (pardon the pun) in the face. Elizabeth Warren is one of the greatest senatorial candidates that Massachusetts ever has had the opportunity for whom to vote. We are so lucky. Not only is she committed to the middle class but she is a brilliant academic scholar of economics at a time when we need such expertise. Scott Brown with his tomahawk chops, insulting and racist staff rants cannot hold a candle to this woman of character and integrity. I am hoping fervently that the voters of Massachusetts will see what I see having met Elizabeth Warren on three separate occasions. Since listening to her interview with Bill Moyers on PBS during the near total economic collapse of 2008 I was convinced of her phenomenal ability.

Unless you are part of the 1% wealthiest then YOU should vote for Elizabeth Warren. If you are a Massachusetts resident and part of the 99% YOU should vote for Elizabeth Warren. If you want a more equitable, fair and just nation then YOU should vote for Elizabeth Warren. She will not let us down. In addition to her academic excellence she is a humane and wonderful human being whom I will be proud to call my senator from the great State of Massachusetts!

Elizabeth Warren is a GEM, a price above rubies, and Massachusetts should NOT let this gem slip through our fingers.