Monday, July 10, 2017


The election of Donald Trump may turn out to be a transitory blip on a historical screen. It may, however, not be. When you watch this 1985 documentary IF you watch it THINK on what, in 1938, Nationalism wrought in Germany because this kind of hatred is what Donald Trump has brought to an America I no longer at times recognize. He MUST be stopped. Watch this and know why you must RESIST!!

Lindsey Graham Slams ‘Disastrous Meeting’ With Putin, Calls Russia Trump’s ‘Blind Spot’

Lindsey Graham Slams ‘Disastrous Meeting’ With Putin, Calls Russia Trump’s ‘Blind Spot’

Comments: A fellow blogger said "That's right Lindsey! He's a traitor. He couldn't care less about this country. Not to lose fact that he's afraid of Putin. He owes a lot of money to Russia. We are paying that tab"

My Comment

That is 100% correct. It ​i​s exactly why he did not press Putin on the hacking issue. It is ​so​ obvious and yet I think the media is not making it ​abundantly ​clear. When ​all ​of your ​nation's ​reliable intelligence agencies say unequivocally that Russia and Russia alone hacked the election, ​the ​Democratic Committee and, perhaps​,​ others to get something dirty on ​Hillary ​Clinton ​and​ throw the election to Trump ​then ​it is solid fact​​. ​T​here is ​no ​question why ​Trump​ laid off Putin ​on that issue at the G-20​ meeting with him. ​He knows Putin could crush him, has the goods on him, owes Russia​,​ their oligarchs and Russian mafia-types big money​.​​ Putin​ could and would blow ​Trump's ​con wide open if he does not do what Putin wants. It is blackmail of a president of the United States by an adversarial power. To put it more plainly it​ is high crimes and misdemeanor​​s​ treason.

Putin wants the sanctions lifted because oil makes Russia run and ​Russia is ​not running so well if the US sanctions are i​n place​. It is as clear as glass. The mind blowing incredulity for me is how on god's earth did this utterly corrupt imbecile Trump ever dare with all his conflicts and financial ethical compromises if not ​alleged ​criminal illegalities think that he would run for president much less win and no one would find ​anything ​out.​ This is not a corporation of which he is the CEO head. It is a three branch balance of power Republic with a 4th estate press which will hold him accountable for every sneeze. ​It is obvious why he would not release his taxes because they would tell the story of ​the​ Everest-sized debt he owes.

Perhaps he never thought he would win. By ​the ​time the tea leaves were beginning to be read he should have pulled out of the election or once he won he should have resigned and still should resign but his rancid ego will not let him. Special Investigator Mueller is experienced, brilliant and meticulous. He has assembled a team of methodical experts the most capable ​legal minds ​in the nation. This is NOT going to end well. If Trump dares fire Muller there will be an outcry in this land he and his corrupt conflict of interest Mafia-like family will not know what hit them. One cannot pull off the gargantuan con ​of ​all ​modern history and not have it show a weak link or many weak links. The attorney of the Trump team resigned head of the NSA, Michael Flynn, said if Flynn is granted immunity "He has a story to tell" and we the taxpayer paying the freight want to hear it!