Sunday, June 04, 2017

Trump is a bully. But not for much longer -- PLEASE READ it's GREAT!

By Murfester 35 DAILY KOS


a : a blustering, browbeating person; especially : one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller, or in some way vulnerable tormented by the neighborhood bully (Miriam Webster dictionary)

Is there anybody here that hasn’t had to face down a bully at some time in their life? It’s a scary and daunting proposition, for a couple of reasons. First, bullies are normally bigger than you are, the odds are in their favor, they can bluff because they know in their hearts that you’ll be intimidated by their size. And second, did you ever notice that bullies seldom seem to be alone, they’ve always got at least a couple of other “tough” guys with them when they shake you down?

Read the dictionary definition above again, I’ll wait. Notice what’s prominent? “ a “blustering, browbeating person” and “one who is habitually cruel, insulting to others”. Sound like the Tiny Thumbs Diktator? What’s missing? A penchant for the actual act of physical violence itself. Bullies prefer threats and intimidation, especially with backup, and especially in a public setting like a schoolyard or a bar, where there are others present that can be intimidated by proxy. But they don’t like an actual one on one fight, simply because that little kid might have a father or an uncle who’s a boxer, and getting their ass kicked by the little guy would not be a good thing for their image or ego.

Trump is a bully, a classic example. And he has his entourage, in face a couple of them. The neo racists and bigots love him, for saying what they themselves would never say if they were alone. When is the last time you read a news story or saw on TV where a guy in a white Ban Lon sheet walked up to another guy of equal size on the street and snarled “Alright sub human, lets GO! You and me, right now!” I’m 60 years old, and I’ve never seen or heard of it. If they do show aggression, it’s almost never fair. A sucker punch from behind, or jumping out of the dark with a board, some kind of an advantage. At their hearts, and on their own, they’re chickenshits.

Even without that pathetic band of losers, Trump has his retinue of cowards drawing strength from his braggadocio. Guys like Steve Bannon, who spews his venom from the safe, unreachable platform of Breitbart, or whispers like some fascist Wormtongue into Trump’s ear while he looks over his shoulder for incoming threats to himself. Or Jared Kushner, who bullies low income tenants from behind a phalanx of sleazy lawyers, while he’s the pseudo tough guy throwing the punches. Or Paul Manafort, who goes from Russian or Ukrainian tought guy to tough guy, basking in the tough guy status it affords him, “I point my finger, and you’re dead”, that kind of thing. How about “good ol’ boy” Jeff Sessions, who did his part to set up Trump’s sucker punch of Comey in the first place. Or the worst of all, the entire GOP congress, who sell their dignity and souls to the punk who will slap down all the people that they themselves don’t have the balls to take on.

Bullies do have one comforting feature, they go down. They go down because they don’t know when to stop. They somehow miss the fact that for most people there comes a point where an ass kicking is preferable to continuing to be bullied, our pride demands that a stand be made. I was bullied in 2nd grade. That stopped one day, when after hearing the angry taunts of my personal dybbuk behind me I felt a hand on my shoulder. Dropping my lunch as I whirled around, and I clocked him right in the stomach, then raised a fist at his nearest pal, I had finally reached the personal breaking point. I never saw them in the schoolyard again, but my success didn’t make me a bully either, the point was simply made.

But just like every bully in history, Trump finally fucked up. He finally picked on the one guy who was ready to drop the books and put up his dukes. He tried to bully Jim Comey. And the more that Comey ignored him, the more he kept pushing, showing off for his ass kissers. And this upcoming Thursday little Jim Comey is gonna drop that lunch bag, spin around, and he’s gonna smack Trump the bully right in the nose. And the whole schoolyard is gonna be watching live on TV. And Trump is going to stand there, with eyes the size of dinner plates, his fat mouth open, but for once with nothing coming out of it except spit, and then he’s going to turn tail and run, screaming out over his shoulder “Your ass is mine the next time I see you!” over Twitter. The spell of invincibility will be broken.

And it gets even worse for Trump. Because it turns out that Jim Comey has a big brother. His name is Robert Mueller, and he’s a nasty big brother. His little bro Jim already took care of the bully, but Mueller isn’t going to forget the other kids like Manafort, Kushner, Flynn, and chickenshit enablers like Devin Nunes. They are going to hear footsteps in their sleep. And if little sore snoot Donnie thinks any of these guys are gonna stand in front of him and defend him, then he’s just as stupid as every other bully that just got called out. He’ll be lucky if all they do is run away top speed. Some of them may well even crawl up to Mueller with their hands in the air, telling him what a great guy he is, and gee, they sure hope that he doesn’t think that they actually wanted to hang around with the bully, he was threatening them too!

There is a reason why every talking head and commentator on cable news is already hyping the Comey testimony next Thursday, look for the Countdown Clocks probably sometime on Tuesday, It is in fact a rare spectacle, one of the few times we actually get to see, “in person” over the schoolyard TV, the bully laid low, in front of the entire class. And all of the “He sucker punched me”s, and “I had something in my eye”s, and “He just got off a lucky shot, I’ll maim him the next time I see him”s in the world on Twitter will be seen for just what they are. The petulant, braying sour grapes of someone who just got his ass kicked in public. And I wouldn’t count on the SS twins, Spicer or Sanders coming to your defense either loser, everybody you know is going to want to stay as far from you as they can before Big Brother Mueller shows up at their door. Trump will finally be exposed for who and what he really is, a cheap, full of shit punk.