Thursday, November 26, 2015

Framing this utterly funny pic Norman Rockwell would love!

Eating Trump would make me sick!;-)

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I thought this blogger's post below was worthy of note.  It is in response to those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving or do so as a holiday of mourning--the Indians.  There is another story someone posted that remembers history which does not begin in 1620.  I paste it indented and in italics and my response is below it.

There is more to the history of Thanksgiving than the Pilgrims.  He states:

The Mashpee Wampanoag were (literally) decimated before the Pilgrims arrived; first by war with another Indian tribe (the Tarrantine War 1607-15) then by an epidemic (1616-19), leaving only about 10% of the 1600 population to greet the Plymouth landing in 1620.

The then-leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag ( Massasoit) allied with the Pilgrims for protection against the Narraganset, which proved provident when the Narraganset attacked the Wampanoag in 1632 and the Pilgrims came to their aid.

It was not until the next generation that the settlers and the Wampanoag fell out, resulting in the1675/76 King Phillips War (King Phillip was Massasoits's son.)

Few Americans know our own history let alone history before the Pilgrims arrived.  That is the problem. Our history by many is divided into the white hats (the good guys) and the black hats (the bad guys.) If it were examined one would see the hats are a variety of shades of grey.

I for one am thankful my grandparents had the foresight at the beginning of the 20th century to have immigrated here. If they had not either the Russian pogroms or ultimately the Holocaust would have killed them. I celebrate Thanksgiving as my favorite of all American holidays with the knowledge that there is always more to the story.
Every time I take a shower and clean water comes out I sing "God Bless America!" So many in this sad world of ours look forward to a life of famine, disease and/or war. We must help humanity improve living conditions which in the end is the real key to ending conflict and send war to the ash bin of history!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!:-)