Monday, September 01, 2014


I have one sentence to all of you as I see and nearly explode as the Globe tries to make the NH senate race close by saying the NH Senate race between Shaheen and Brown "heats up."  

Heats up my posterior.  Jeanne Shaheen without question MUST win and WILL win SIGNIFICANTLY as Democrats CAN sweep all over the nation.  Republicans are a bankrupt party with NOTHING to offer.  So here is my one phase:  GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE ALL OVER THE NATION.

DEMOCRATS WILL WIN IF YOU DO as we have the young, we have women, we have the elderly, we have African Americans, and we have Hispanics.  What more do we need?  WE NEED TO GET OUT THE [blank] VOTE, sit back and watch the Democratic victories across the nation if you do!!!

The Artful Arti-T and the Miracle of Market Basket

What the Market Basket has done was the GREATEST marketing coup of all time done with no unions just loyalty to a man Arti-T who deserved it.  I was just there shopping today in Ashland and it was packed. I simply wanted to hug everyone -- Arti, the staff and the customers.  More goods will be coming.  I urge you to support this consumer friendly store and be the beginning of a movement!

Get rid of the supermarket you shop at and find a Market Basket.  My bills are 1/2 less than everywhere else.  Arti-T is a genius.  I LOVE that man.  He and all of us have done something amazing.  Business may and SHOULD never be the same.  I have LOTS of thoughts about the sad state of American business and ideas of what the young and business savvy person can do about it. Arti-T's formula WORKS to make millions and still be a caring humane person and do something for people who need it!  Change comes from the bottom up and Arti-T knew how important his staff and patrons were.

Arti-T thank you SO much!  First good news I have heard in a long long long time.