Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Majority Best

Mitt Romney has to be one of the worst Republican candidates I have ever witnessed that party nominate for the highest office in the land to represent the entirety of the American people.

No surprise I am not Republican BUT in decades of watching politics the opposition for me harbored, at times, some redeeming qualities even a Richard Nixon reflected. Nixon made history reaching out to a heretofore closed China. He mixed with protesters to find out reasons behind their anger; Ford, a decent man, was a calm leader in a nation that needed calming; and Reagan reflected the aura of a kinder, gentler and nationally proud man exuding a fatherly connectedness to a nation that needed to feel better about itself. 

Mitt Romney may LOOK presidential but he is NOT presidential giving veracity to the cliché beauty is, alas, only skin deep.  How does Mr. Romney look within and feel good about what he sees? This unprincipled man will do anything even overturn all the principles he honed from his father and those he has always held in his political past life.  Mitt Romney overthrows all Mitt has ever been. 

Romney not only appears uncomfortable in his own skin but reflects through political mouthpieces those values which are the most hateful, the most derisive and the ugliest taking marching orders from a Rush Limbaugh one of the most alienating, hate spewing right-wing extremist commentators in US media history.
Charles Blow, the great New York Times African-American columnist, said it best on MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell when he – paraphrasing – said a bomb goes off in white brains of those in the Republican Party who would support any white, male, candidate of the heretofore ruling class to reverse what they cannot in their deepest cerebral racist synapses believe is the present and, in their minds, the unlawful un-American occupier of the White House.  Romney is merely a vacuous vessel through which the Republican Party can achieve what Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the Senate, said was its goal – to defeat Barack Obama.
The empty-suited man Romney will say anything, pay any price, sell his soul to any devil if it will mean having the seal of President of the United States behind the podium from which he would speak.  
Shame on the Republican Party that it would exude these ugly principles and stain itself nominating an unprincipled man to get its racist way.  Shame on the unprincipled man Romney for revolting against that which he always believed to reflect the worst part that is America instead of its majority best.