Saturday, May 27, 2017


Perhaps there are two threads to the Kushner/Russia connection. This one involving money, power and the desire to keep Russia on the same page as Trump. He does not want his father-in-law blackmailed by Russia.

Second Thread: The overthrow of Kushner by the antiSemite Bannon and Bannon's acting as impetus for the clash of civilizations between the white powers and against Islam.

We will not know the truth until the truth comes out IF it comes out and it must. You must see that it does.



My theory: only a supposition after seeing Frontline documentary on Bannon the chief strategist much of which I know. I think the letter postmarked DC to the Post Office sent to the Wash Post typed on a typewriter and not signed telling all about Kushner could have come from Bannon or even another antiSemite like him who hates or is at odds with Kushner. Kushner maybe almost canned Bannon I don't know.

Bannon if you watch Frontline you know wants to create chaos to encourage this clash of civilizations between the Christian west and Muslims and Russia is in Bannon's crackpot mind allied with the US in the white Christian right's ultimate fight with Islam -- clash of civilizations. Just my speculations. Russia is playing them like a violin. Bannon's Books that influence him: "The Fourth Turning" and "Camp of Saints" I did not read them but this guy Bannon is at the right hand of presidential immense power.

My jaw was cemented to the floor. WHY is the operative, power both or simply an alliance of the white Christians (Russia included) v.. Islam....or all of it. My worry is we are SO vulnerable and our enemies like ISIS, N. Korea, Al Qaeda and who knows what other terrorist groups could god forbid hit us.

What Bannon wants is chaos and a fight but those right wingnut IDIOTS like he do not realize LIVES gd LIVES are at stake -- even their families' lives are at stake ... are they insane? I hope the deep state as academics call it like the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon will not let it come to that...They need to pick ALL of those insane bastards up and arrest them throw them in jail, let their attorneys deal with them but protect us under the Patriot Act and impeach Trump post haste! I do not know what the hell Trump is doing. His trip to NATO was horrible. He was downright mean to our allies....democracies. We are I fear in trouble and Trump's base supports him, is violent and armed. I could be all wrong but after watching Frontline and knowing myself through reading what Bannon is about these are my thoughts to take for what they are worth. I am scared for our nation!

FYI: Bannon's films he produced or made. I have seen none of them as they are right wing propaganda: The former Navy officer and Goldman Sachs banker entered the movie business on the money side, executive producing such films as "The Indian Runner" and "Titus." In 2004, he began producing, writing and sometimes directing his own movies, starting with "In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed," an admiring portrait of Ronald Reagan; since then, he's produced films about illegal immigration ("Cochise County USA: Cries from the Border," "Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration"), the roots of the global economic crisis ("Generation Zero"), a nefariously overreaching federal government ("Battle for America") and conservative women ("Fire From the Heartland"), among others.