Sunday, August 26, 2007

McClatchy News: Assessing the George W. Bush presidency: It is hard to imagine George W. Bush not being relegated to the dust bin of US history. How on this earth could it be otherwise? The man has been a failure since day one of his life through most probably the last moment of his presidency. As if his draft dodging were not enough, the list of egregious horrors of presidential policy are legion and endless. He has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Iraq is only one of the many horrific errors, albeit a costly one in blood and treasure. He failed to heed warnings of 9/11, he has six years later yet to capture and/or kill the perpetrator of 9/11, he failed during Katrina, he nearly dismantled our precious Constitutional civil liberties, he failed to begin the containment of global warming, he failed with the US attorney debacle, he failed in negotiating a peace in the Middle East, he failed by the treason of revealing a CIA agent's name, he failed by being involved with Rovian dirty politics, he failed by raising the deficit to Olympian heights, he failed by his endless lies about policy and lest we forget Jack Abramaoff and hand holding with "Kenny Boy" Lay, he failed because of his complicity in the endless scandals of a Republican controlled Congress. His speeches were filled with errors both substantive and grammatical. He was utterly moronic when asked extemporaneous questions and, indeed, was an embarrassing speaker who was the laughing stock of the world. He served only to divide not unite this country. This man could not read well and could not speak without error. How many future lives will be ruined by his policies only God can know. I curse every moment of his presidency. I am sure we will be paying for it for decades if not centuries to come.
I applaud the NFL for indefinitely suspending Michael Vick. I think though it is not a severe enough penalty. Vick's actions were reprehensible. There are no words strong enough for me to denounce the loathsome quality of Mr. Vick's conduct towards animals which resulted in their disfigurement and often their deaths. It is more than unconscionable. It is psychologically pathological. Inhumane conduct against a helpless sentient being is pure and simply egregious behavior of the highest magnitude.

Cruelty to animals like cruelty to children is in a category by itself. Adult human beings have the ability of speech and can, if necessary, have a chance to defend themselves. Animals, like children, are helpless. Animals have no one to advocate for their safety and security but the human animal. What possess a man to do what Mr. Vick did? I suspect in Mr. Vick's heart of hearts he is a small man. In his heart he must feel so weak that he is compelled to show his strength through the submission, torture and execution of dogs. I have read, and I think it true, that those who torture animals, will, easily torture human beings. It is one small step.

The NFL owes a responsibility to the people who support it and ESPECIALLY to children who look to players as role models. INDEFINITE suspension, I do not care how much money is lost, should not be the response of the NFL. Suspension Indefinitely means that there is some room for Vick to return at a later date when the furor quiets. Vick deserves the scorn he is getting from the majority of the NFL base but he deserves even more. The NFL should send a message that some behaviors are unacceptable and, indeed, unforgivable no matter how much money is involved. I advocate the NFL not suspend Mr. Vick indefinitely but suspend him for life!