Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Republicans want a better deal but they do not say what it is. To not support this Deal is another ruse to goad the nation into yet another war -- this time a huge one with a big power, Iran! Does Iraq sound familiar with their oh so scary weapons of mass destruction which still cannot be found.  Republicans are trying to bang the drum beat for war with Iran as they did for the Iraq debacle.

Do NOT let them do it by rejecting the Deal.  Write your Congressperson especially in the Senate to tell them to NOT reject the Deal but to ACCEPT it.

Israel SHOULD want it too. Without it, Iran will keep doing what it is doing enriching uranium and ultimately Iran will get the bomb in short order with no room for inspections. Congress will concoct a reason to attack especially if there is a Republican president in office after Obama. It's called the "Bush Doctrine of Preemptive War."

Do you want another Middle East war with a power twice the size of Iraq and with a much more military savvy plus powers lined up against us then sink the deal? If you do that we all will have achieved is endless wars.  Like all other post WWII wars in which we engage, we will lose.

It is inadvisable for the US, inadvisable for Israel and inadvisable for the world to ruin this Deal. We will have no allies if we reject the deal as the P5 plus 1 want it. 

With the Deal, Iran WILL be monitored scrupulously and if they renege then sanctions will "snap back." Do not let Republican Neocons dupe you yet again.  No more Middle East Wars shedding our blood and our treasure for nothing.  

Tell your Congresspersons you support the Deal!