Monday, August 28, 2017

Houston we Have a Problem!!

Yeah sure, Trump you insipid fool, climate change is a hoax you say. You blithering idiot and all those who follow this stupid horse's ass are surely suffering from climate change now. Hard to admit Al Gore, the Democrat believer in science, said so decades ago. He could see the inconvenient truth! Funny thing about us Democrats we think science rules.

Drumpf, just say climate change is a hoax so you don't have to do a thing about it while you give the coal diggers hope that their toxic black lung swill they mine is not going away because it will be renewed by Drumpf and their life will be roses. As my pulmonary cousin physician's license plate used to say KOF, KOF! Oh yes, think of all the oil Drumpf and his cronies can plunder as well.

But go away these merchants of fossil fuel death will because they must as fossil fuels are killing the planet and us with it. Sure, Drumpf, tell them to keep their pipe dreams of the glory days of daddy's coal mining so that Trump the liar-in-chief can say he was president for a day while Rome drowns to death in floods, burns to death in fires, dies of thirst in droughts or watches all their homes blown away in tornadoes while catastrophic blizzards ruin it all too.

Oh and while one is watching these catastrophic sights watch the glaciers melt and icebergs break off raising the ocean levels to the heights of Everest so ultimately New York City will be fun for sail boats, Boston Harbor will engulf all of Boston and Florida will cease being the sunshine state.

Trump is, I aver, a murderer among all his other psychopathology because he knew exactly what he was doing and saying to get the rust belt votes he needed. They bought the bate hook, line and stinker and made him Fuhrer for a day. Now Houston, I believe, we have a problem!!.