Monday, December 02, 2013

The DNA Democratic Dance

I have long hoped for a DNA cancer fix.  I have hoped that one day science would be able to zero in on and then extract one's own mutant genes that begin cancer's odyssey and, in Shakespearean fashion, by opposing end them.

I am enclosing a quote below from an article (one of the BEST I have read yet) written by Howard Fineman on Huffington Post entitled “Meet Patrick Soon-Shiong, The LA Billionaire Reinventing Your Health Care." The interview and accompanying videos are about Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong's attempt to use one's personal genomic map to perfect the roulette wheel of modern-day medieval treatment of cancer (and other diseases) to gain its remission.

Since the Republican-induced sequester has frozen monies that could be used in tandem with private efforts, men like Dr. Soon-Shiong forge on a personal quest to find more effective and less toxic treatments through DNA. IMAGINE what could be discovered and how much faster it could be done IF the Republican Party were not the obstructionist party of anti-science anti-government.  Government could, with its awesome financing power, help prod the process of advanced DNA cancer treatment. 

It is still not the chromosomal DNA genetic fix I am hoping to someday witness but it is an improvement by far of present-day cancer treatment as it wades into the weeds of one's own genome to harness effective therapies in a quest to end the only torturous treatment options science has now. Yet more reasons -- as if we needed more -- why the murderous Republican Party MUST be defeated in 2014.

This is an amazing piece written about an amazing man.  I urge you to read it to see what man's evolutionary big brain can do.  I post the entirety of the article below the quote.  In pertinent part, it states:

Now, your doctor draws blood and tissue, sends the information to a medical Big Data center that, in seconds, sequences your entire genome and, more importantly, maps how the proteins and the cells in your body are translating your specific DNA mutation into tumor cells. Your doctor then accesses a secure global “bank” of cancer DNA and tissue, and develops an individual cocktail for you, administering it with precise nanotechnology. You recover at home, monitored by high-information devices connected through transmitters to your doctor and clinic.

This is a glimpse of the future that Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong of Los Angeles has spent a decade imagining -- and is now rapidly assembling. The technology and science are all at hand, he says. It’s “just” a matter of putting them together into a logical and humane whole.

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Why Democratic progressive capture of the House in 2014, keeping the Senate and ultimately securing the presidency in perpetuity is a matter of life and death.  Work by any means necessary to make it happen for you, your children, your children's children, and in reality for all of us.  Anything else is unacceptable.