Monday, April 28, 2014

Tarnished Sterling

Yes, in our nation anyone can say most anything especially with respect to political or social commentary. But we are also a nation of consumers in venues like Chick Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, sports arenas and many others. Once the rational and humane consumer becomes aware of the owners' oppressive discriminatory thoughts and actions we do not have to support what he is selling so he can derive a huge profit and live in splendor while the 98% of us he/she uses and cares nothing about suffer.

Mr. Tarnished Don Sterling hypocrite "conservative" supreme cannot even obey his marital vows. So much for the "sanctity of marriage" about which conservatives scream from the rafters.

I show my disgust by never frequenting establishments that I know of owned by racists and others who are on that side of the right wing corrupt political spectrum. I take a stand. Whether others do or not is up to them. I think for the good of our country Mr. Tarnished Sterling should resign the NBA for his revolting racist sentiments in a league dominated by talented and skilled persons of color who work very very hard for the beast that thinks he is a slave owner doing them a favor. THEY, Mr. Hypocrite Sterling, are the ones doing YOU the favor!

For the good of the nation racism should not be part of our base. Only we can make it happen and only we through our vote can reject these charlatan "conservative" and often Republican know nothings before they usurp power they should not have!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bundy’s Bund—The American Soul

In America in the 1930’s there were supporters, here, of the nascent NAZI Party and its German (although he was Austrian) fascist leader whose name I need not mention.  One could find some supporters of this unmentionable man in an organization that became known here as the German American Bund.  They were surely not the majority of Americans of German or Austrian descent just as the majority of Japanese in this country were loyal Americans but that the German American Bund was present in this nation nonetheless cannot be denied. 

Clive Bundy has an appropriate name because he is now one of the leaders of another bund, similar in philosophical racist nature to the German/American Bund of an earlier era and he is accompanied by other extremist rightwing militia malcontents who support him.  They, do not believe in the federal government unless of course if the White House were occupied by a wingnut nativist or when the federal right wing Supreme Court hands down decisions from the fabulous five justices they happen to love.  Curiously enough before the election of the half African American Barack Obama these right wing white supremacist nationalist hate groups were at an all-time low.  Elect Obama and their membership has exponentially grown.  Threats to the president are now commonplace as the hate they spread courses through the veins of Bundy-like nincompoops as a poisonous snake winds its way into the Nevada desert.

These know nothing English fracturing unable-to-utter-a-grammatically-correct- sentence Cretans should not be given the respect of newsworthy time which simply feeds the insatiable American appetite for sensationalist news and the networks' (Fox comes to mind) desire to make as many billions they can from it.  Bundy’s Bund is an American monstrosity that has as its ideological poetry underpinning a familiar ode in the racist segregationist south before and, indeed, after the Civil War.  It was no surprise Bund Bundy uttered the imbecilic racist “ideas” he did concerning the advantageousness of the institution of slavery to the Negro (his word not mine.)  His pea brain thinks and he says it would have been better for the Negro (again, his word not mine) had slavery not ended so Negroes could exist corncob pipe in hand, on their porch in familial bliss if they only learned how to pick cotton.  I suggest he try slavery himself sometime.  There is plenty of it around the world to test his assumptions.

The only thing more incredulous than what this sewage exporting guttersnipe Bund Bundy says is the number of American misfits who are standing at his side pretending to be Colonial Minutemen, weapons in hand ready to kill a federal government officer at a moment’s notice.  Bundy’s Bund is the reflection of a shameful fact of American life which is still even now in the nation’s blood resurrecting old Civil War canards nearly 150 years after the Union kicked the Confederate racists’ posterior costing us over 600,000 lives. 

Bundy’s Bund thrives on fomenting racist discord and its sidecar of violence.  The networks thrive on the money he makes them.  Shame on his supporter Fox News once again for the lies they perpetrate and the divisiveness they sow.  May Bundy and those idiots who support him slide back into the primordial cesspool soup of life from whence they came so the cancer that exists in our body politic can be exorcised and cleansed from our nation’s soul once and for all!

The Cycle of Life, the Blue Marble and us

The article below "Blood from world's oldest woman (115) suggests life limit" presents amazing science as it studies the blood of the oldest woman who lived to age 115.  

We know, all of us, that everyone and every living thing on the planet dies.  It must to keep the planet alive.  Can you imagine if human beings and every mortal thing on earth lived twice or even three times what they do now?  It would make the planet unlivable with an overgrowth that would be unsustainable.  Death and rebirth is nature's house cleaner; its insurance policy to keep the planet going and in balance.

And yet who among us wants to die or looks forward to the physical onslaughts of aging?  Humans have attempted, successfully, to live much longer.  Without medical intervention the human life span would be about 45 years but because of the medical and technological improvements of science it has been extended much longer.  We can see the difficulties (and the joys) that this presents.  In America it does seem that, culturally, we think of death as wrong; that it should not be but it must be, is, and always will be within our cycle of life.  It is, I think, one of nature’s rules as it is one of the human conundrums. 

The process of aging as the legend in her time, the actress Bette Davis said, "ain't for sissies."  It can be and often is difficult because we extend life beyond the dictates of nature’s command.  Youth all around us is filled with joy and enthusiasm but I suspect there are few of us once we reach close or to old age are so joyous to confront it.  Religion sees this and points to eternal life through faith.  For those of us who are in love with science the religious myths, at least for me, offer little to no comfort.  I am a realist.  Life is to me, as the philosopher Hobbs said, nasty, brutish and ever so short.  Despite this fact, though, life remains for me not long enough!

No matter what our human experience most, every day, go on yearning to take another breath, sometimes just one more, to stay alive.  Why?  For me it is because I love life's mysteries, the human ability (and seemingly only the human ability) to see its beauty, to understand it and to strive to see it one more day; to see one more mystery solved, to see history unfold and, of course, to see longer those I love .  I want to see how it all turns out, I want to know what happens and truthfully, in my egotistical way ever since life’s vale of self was lifted at about age 3, I cannot envision life without me.  It will, though, be without me, one day, despite all my attempts which are legion, to avert its end.  Life goes on no matter what, the planet will endure I suspect even with human attempts to kill it.  That blue marble planet in the heavens we can now see is our home.  We should do everything we humanly can to keep it blue, healthy and sustainable for those, whether related or not, who come for generations after us.

Blood from world's oldest woman (115) suggests life limit.  Here or at this link:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Saint He Ain't -- NYT editorialist Maureen Dowd

If there is a better writer than the brilliant NYT editorialist Maureen Dowd I have yet to find him/her. She is on target every time and best of all she writes, if may quote the great Muhammad Ali, like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

here or

Monday, April 21, 2014

How Fitting!!!:)

Meb Keflezighi stuns to win Boston Marathon

Apr 21, 2014, 12:12 PM EDT
Meb KeflezighiAP
BOSTON – Meb Keflezighi became the first U.S. man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983 in a shocking upset victory Monday, one year after twin bombings rocked the world’s oldest annual marathon.
Keflezighi, 38, moved his sunglasses to the top of his head and raised his arms as he crossed the finish line to win by 11 seconds over Kenyan Wilson Chebet. He cried and was draped in an American flag on Boylston Street afterward.
It was around that same area last year where two bombs killed three and injured more than 260 two hours after the elite runners finished.
Keflezighi won in 2:08:37, a personal record. Greg Meyer was the last American man to win in 1983.
Keflezighi, who was born in Eritrea and came to the U.S. as a refugee in 1987, won the 2004 Olympic marathon silver medal and the 2009 New York City Marathon, but he fell to 23rd at last year’s New York City Marathon and was the oldest elite runner in Monday’s field by three years.

Jeb Bush’s Rush to Make Money May Be Hurdle--NYT M. Barbaro

Jeb Bush in Las Vegas last month. CreditJeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal, via Associated Press
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As it sought to recruit well-heeled investors, an untested and unprofitable Miami company named InnoVida brought aboard a trusted Florida figure in 2007: Jeb Bush, the former governor and the brother of a sitting president.
For potential stockholders, the imprimatur of Mr. Bush, who joined InnoVida as a paid consultant and a member of the board of directors, conferred credibility on the young start-up.
That credibility did not last long. It turned out that the leaders of InnoVida, a manufacturer of inexpensive building materials, had faked documents, lied about the health of the business and misappropriated $40 million in company funds, records show. The company went bankrupt in 2011, its founder eventually went to jail and investors lost nearly all of their money.
Mr. Bush left public office seven years ago with a net worth of $1.3 million and an unapologetic determination to expand his wealth, telling friends that his finances had suffered during his time in government.
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But his efforts to capitalize on his résumé and reputation have thrust him into situations that may prove challenging to explain should he mount a Republican campaign for the White House. Records and interviews show, for example, that Mr. Bush participated in the fevered, last-ditch efforts to prop up Lehman Brothers, a Wall Street bank weighed down by toxic mortgage-backed securities. As a paid adviser to the company in the summer of 2008, he met with Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican billionaire, as Lehman sought to persuade Mr. Slim to make a sizable investment in the firm, emails show.
Mr. Bush sat on the board of Swisher Hygiene, a soap maker, at a time when, its executives acknowledged, their financial statements were unreliable and their accounting practices inadequate. That admission contributed to a plunge in stock price that has wiped out more than three-quarters of Swisher’s value and touched off a wave of shareholder lawsuits. Several have named Mr. Bush as a defendant, accusing him and fellow board members of insufficient oversight.
And in a stint that could complicate his appeal to conservatives, Mr. Bush serves as a paid director to Tenet Health Care, the giant hospital owner, which supported President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, aggressively encouraged Americans to sign up for insurance under the program and trumpeted the legislation as a boon to the company’s finances.
The path from public service to private riches is well trodden by politicians of both parties. But, even by that measure, Mr. Bush took an aggressive and expansive approach to making money.
Since 2007, he has left few corners of the economy untouched, working on Wall Street, starting a consulting firm, investing in real estate, advising an emergency preparedness company, sitting on the board of a hospital linens provider, and giving speeches to grocery industry groups, local chambers of commerce and health care conferences.
He has been well paid for his time, earning at least $3.2 million in board fees and stock grants from publicly traded companies alone, records show. His corporate speechmaking appears to have generated millions more: He commands about $50,000 for his speeches, delivering more than 100 since 2007, though some are unpaid. And he has earned millions from his work as an adviser to Lehman Brothers and Barclays, the company that took much of the bank over, according to executives familiar with his arrangements. Today, his pay from Barclays exceeds $1 million a year, these people said.
Mr. Bush declined to be interviewed. His spokeswoman, Kristy Campbell, provided a statement: “Jeb Bush had a successful career in commercial real estate and business before serving as Florida’s governor. After eight rewarding years in public service leading the state, he is enjoying running his own business again.”
His business endeavors are a largely overlooked chapter in a postgovernment biography built around his reputation as a policy maven, nonprofit leader and moderate voice in Republican debates on immigration and education. But as he explores a White House bid, friends said, Mr. Bush’s lucrative career is an unspoken but potent factor in his decision making. Entering the 2016 Republican field would inevitably require dismantling the business empire that he has assembled — an empire that now employs his son Jeb Bush Jr.
“Although he’s been at this for seven years, it’s the last few years that he’s begun to flourish as an investor and build a commendable nest egg,” said Al Cardenas, a longtime Bush friend and adviser. “Leaving all of that behind, all he’s built, is a challenge and a sacrifice for him.”
His overlapping commitments risk spreading him thin. At one point, Mr. Bush sat on the boards of six companies, twice as many as leading corporate governance experts recommend given the time and fiduciary responsibilities of such a position.
Fellow corporate board members are quick to praise Mr. Bush. At Tenet, they said, he has pushed for tougher hospital safety standards; at Rayonier, a major owner of forestland, he has advised them on navigating regulations.
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Eye-popping wealth long eluded Mr. Bush. His older brother, George W. Bush, reaped about $14 million profit from an investment in the Texas Rangers baseball team. But Jeb Bush’s career as a real estate entrepreneur in Florida brought him comparatively modest success: He entered the governor’s office in 1999 with a net worth of about $2 million, according to his financial disclosure forms, a figure that fell throughout his two terms.
“People thought of him as wealthy,” said Lance deHaven Smith, a professor of public policy at Florida State University who has studied Mr. Bush’s career. He recalled that when Mr. Bush was governor, his opponents took to calling him a “spoiled little rich kid” to protest his budget cuts.
“It was a misperception,” Mr. deHaven Smith said. “He grew up in a wealthy family, but he took a path that was quite different.”
He seemed eager to change that by 2007, expressing frustration to business and political associates that he had missed out on a boom in the real estate industry during his time as governor; he also turned down a public pension when he left office.
Within a year of departing the Statehouse, he had signed on as consultant to Lehman Brothers, where he was eventually enlisted to reach out to Mr. Slim in a plan code-named Project Verde. Mr. Slim, however, was not interested in making a major investment in Lehman Brothers or striking up a joint venture with it. “Project Verde was unsuccessful,” Mr. Bush wrote to a Lehman colleague in early July 2008.
Lehman executives talked openly about the value of Mr. Bush’s family connections in the midst of the crisis. Lehman’s chief executive, Richard S. Fuld Jr., discussed the possibility of having Mr. Bush ask his brother President Bush to persuade the British prime minister to allow Lehman’s emergency merger with a British bank, according to testimony from the company’s bankruptcy case. Mr. Fuld never followed through, and Mr. Bush did not call the president, a spokeswoman for him said.
Friends and colleagues said Mr. Bush carefully evaluates businesses before working with them. In the case of InnoVida, an aide said, he ran a background check on the founder, a flashy, Maserati-driving businessman named Claudio Osorio. It turned up the bankruptcy of a previous company, the aide said, but nothing to suggest wrongdoing. So Mr. Bush agreed to help market his technology, a construction system that required no cement, steel or wood.
There is no evidence that board members were aware of Mr. Osorio’s fraud. But Christopher Korge, an investor in the company and board member, said he recalled talking to Mr. Bush about their shared frustration with the company’s delays in distributing financial information and reluctance to hold regular board meetings.
In separate interviews, a lawyer for Mr. Osorio, who pleaded guilty, and a lawyer for a group of investors argued that members of the board had exercised little meaningful oversight of the company.
“It was done lackadaisically," said David A. Nuñez, the lawyer whose clients lost millions when InnoVida collapsed. If board members “did their due diligence, really did it, they would have been able to determine this company was not financially solvent and that it was a fraud,” he said.
Mr. Korge, a major Democratic Party fund-raiser who lost millions on his investment in InnoVida, said that once he alerted Mr. Bush to major problems inside the company, the former governor acted swiftly and forcefully to investigate them. “Jeb did everything that he should have done to protect the shareholder,” he said.
Most of Mr. Bush’s career in business has steered clear of politics, allowing him to carefully hone a potential campaign message by delivering speeches, granting television interviews and writing a book. But not all of his corporate work is in sync with his public brand.
Mr. Bush opposed the Affordable Care Act and has called it “flawed to its core,” like many of his potential rivals in the 2016 campaign. But unlike them, he has earned more than $2 million for sitting on the board a company, Tenet Health Care, that has loudly endorsed the legislation.
Tenet’s chief executive, Trevor Fetter, said Mr. Bush had made no secret of his objections to the health care overhaul at company meetings. But he suggested that Mr. Bush understood the difference between “personal views and what is best for the company.” Mr. Fetter predicts that in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will deliver up to $100 million in new earnings for Tenet.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Brighter Day

The headline: "Republicans Aren't Moving On From Obamacare." The link:  here or

I love the ad nauseum no issue issues Republicons keep trying to pedal such as the evils of Obamacare after trying to unsuccessfully repeal it 50 times.  They simply do not want people who need it to have affordable health care. Republicons would rather see people die because of maladies from which they should not die and Republicons have said so.

Republicons bring up their recycled "issues" ad nauseum (a good phrase) until one, indeed, wants to throw up from their never-ending whining and fake complaints. Republicons have nothing, zero, nada, zilch on which to run. They chew up, chew up, and chew up some more masticating their fake issues until there is nothing left to eat.

Obamacare is now a success beyond anyone's wildest dreams and it will be more so as time goes on.  What's a Party to do when it has nothing on which to run?  It loses and loses big. Hopefully, it, instead of the electorate, dies.

They have nothing because they are the party of obstruction-of-anything-Obama even if the president's policy is good because the failure of the Obama presidency has been, since 2008 the Republicons' only goal.  They lost in 2008, in 2012 and WILL, hopefully, lose in 2014 and beyond significantly so.

The country by November will have moved on and be cured of the fatal disease of Obamacare Derangement Syndrome because the president's signature health care policy is working and it will improve over time.

Absolutely no issue -- not Benghazi, not the IRS, not the authenticity of the president's birth certificate and certainly not the fake evils of Obamacare -- is going to work for Republicons.  The future sees a fractured Republicon Party serving cooked goose.  They are crossing their finish line dead last as the country eschews obstructionism, racism, and nativitist right wing violent anti-government sentiment that have, even by the assessment of many of their "intellectual" advocates failed.

Democrats and Progressives, DEFEND our good policy loud -- VERY loud -- and clear then make sure the Democratic Party and Progressives EVERYWHERE get out to vote in 2014 no matter how much Republicons try to suppress it.  We must get these Republicon albatrosses, finally, off our necks so the country can move on to a brighter day!

Democrats and Progressives get out TO vote and get out THE vote. Take back the House, keep the Senate and vie to win state legislatures and governor's offices across the nation. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Senate clears path for corporate tax giveaways"

Why electing PROGRESSIVE Democrats is the only way.

Here's the link or below to the headline above:  

This is where the SCREAMING MUST take place.  The bottom up must make and FORCE the change in the other direction.
Occupy Wall Street get yourselves in gear and make some eardrum piercing noise.  This is exactly why this "recovery" seems like the recession still but it does not to the billionaires.  I wonder why.  It does to those of us in the 98%. So many are smart, have experience andeven have extended degrees but are still laid off and STILL looking for work after YEARS of being without it.  
Sure give the unconscionable 1% the tax breaks they ship overseas or to hidden offshore accounts while people of worth and even youth end up living off savings, living out of a car or a cheap motel room because the 1% ran off with the bucks that trickled down to no one but themselves.
GROW a HEART, America, before it is too late!  Close the loopholes for mammoth gouging corporate interests, pass unemploymentminimum wage and while you are at it enact another stimulus to create jobs.  
Our infrastructure is crumbling and our oil producing filth is killing the planet.  Not enough to do?  I suspect there is TOO much to do!  So DO IT.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Answer for Carla

Yesterday, I attended a Passover sedar as is Jewish custom at this time of year. The sedar meal retells the Biblical story of the Exodus—the freedom of the Jewish people from the grips of centuries of slavery.  Passover has had meaning, too, for many who are not necessarily Jewish but who still globally struggle with bondage and oppression.  The holiday has served for centuries to offer hope to the hopeless and to convey the idea of freedom to those who are not yet free.

It is a commemorative dinner filled with good food, close family and friends and it is also a meal of symbolic ritual as evidenced by various symbolic foods on a sedar plate.  The ritual, as delineated in a Passover book, the Haggadah, and as part of the commencement of the ceremony begins with the retelling of the Exodus as the youngest child asks the central question “Why is this night different from all other nights?"  Amid the retelling of the Exodus story there is a portion entitled “The Four Sons” – the one who is wise, one who is wicked, one who is simple, and one who does not know to ask about the Passover story.

The wise son wants to inclusively know.  Since Passover is heavy with symbolism I submit we compare it to circumstances we face in modern times.  I thought the most prescient question and the one with the most gravitas for our time was one that was asked of me by Carla, the lovely young daughter of equally lovely friends.

Our discussion centered in general around the violence of the day and more specifically the killing of three innocent people at the Jewish Community Center and assisted living facility in Kansas.  Carla asked me why people have to do that to one another.  I starred at her blankly at first as I contemplated the answer to this existentially profound question.  My inadequate response to her at first was “I do not know why man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is so prevalent but it is and it is unbelievable.”

On the ride home I thought about her profound Passover question, wondered why I could not have given her a better response and, more importantly, why I did not offer at least some solution to the sad reality of our violent time. 

Part of the answer is, I think, that man has been doing evil to his fellow man since the beginning of man’s time on earth.  It is, it seems, in the nature of the human beast or at least in the nature of the beast’s brain stem.  The other part of the answer should have been the solution to this seemingly eternal existential conundrum.  While violence may be endemic to our species non-violence and peace can begin with us too if we let it.  Many men and women have shown us the path to non-violence but it is, in the final analysis, we who are responsible for our own destiny, the masters of our fate and it is we who must oppose violence and war in our own time for all time.  It is at once as simple and as complex as that.

Carla asked the right question for the right time.  It saddened me that I could not provide a better answer to her so I am writing this as the 1,729 post in my nine year old blog to attempt to generally do so.  I thank my friends’ very sweet and humane daughter for spurring me to think about the most important question of our time—the violence of man.  What better time than Passover to contemplate its answer.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Longest Hatred--A Better Day and Peace

In the 1990's I bought a tape entitled "The Longest Hatred."  It was a documentary chronicling 2000 years of hatred and its child of violence that has been the story of the Jewish people for centuries.  We mourn our dead yet again and go on living.

The killing of three human beings, two at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City and one woman at an assisted living center close by is but the latest in killings that have become so common place in this nation that so many here barely give it a second glance.

I give it a second glance, a third and ask the eternal question why.  I mourn those killed on the eve of Passover as I would mourn them at any time of the year.  In fact, I mourn all those innocents cut down by senseless hatred that runs so keep into the sinew of the bones of man.

I am a secular Jew but I will say, at the sedar table tonight, a special Kaddish prayer for the dead (and the living) not only for those who died in Kansas but for all those irrespective of race, religion or creed who are the victims of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man and, indeed, I will pray for a better day and peace!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Government Listens To Lobbyists And The Wealthy, Not You And Me

If we do not take our democracy back there will be no democracy to take back. The world's last best hope for democracy is dying.

 Here or below is the article entitled above. It is a view worth reading and why getting our voice and vote out is our only hope.  By Bryce Covert

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Bleeding Heart

Huffington Post headline with a picture of one Koch brother reads in HUGE letters "GOP BUCKS BURN OUT DEMS" here or below.

My heart sank when I saw the headline even though I surely know the reality. I could not even read the entire story as I know the story well. This is what those rancid Supreme Court "conservative" unconscionable and unethical five did when 5 to 4 they decided Citizen's United and McCutcheon as a chaser reinforcing it.  They actually made law, an action once condemned by those very conservatives, who, when they benefit from it, surely do not mind doing that at all. 

These five immoral justices single handedly opened up the flood gates of money in political campaigns overturning McCain/Feingold election law reform. They rigged the entire, total and complete game for the richest 1%. The middle class Tea Bags do not get it that Republicans are not about them. Now, how on God's earth does one fight that kind of money? 

Our VOTE is the ONLY shred of hope we have to compete as Republicans try to suppress even that. It shows one how very weak Republicans truly are.  The only way they can win is buying the vote or suppressing it.

I hope the majority of an often uncaring electorate especially in the mid-terms see what has been done in our name -- the scorching of American democracy. What an utter disappointment in an era that once sought and got through blood, sweat and tears, so much change for the good. That change is reversing and disappearing before our very eyes. The headline pierced my heart so much it bled.  I am sure right wingnuts react to that with glee.

If ALL of us do not get out to vote Democratic in November then we have ourselves to blame for the government we get.   You MUST get out the vote for Democrats in local, state and federal elections everywhere across the nation in November, 2014. As I say often, THERE IS SO MUCH AT STAKE and our lives, your children's lives, our nation's life and, indeed, our planet's life depend upon it!

Friday, April 11, 2014


"Imagine Living in a Socialist USA": New Book Envisions 

Greater Democracy, World Without Capitalism" edited by 90 year old Frances Goldin -- amazing!

Why I love Amy Goodman from "Democracy Now."  She is a humanitarian supreme! Link here or below.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

All the Presidents' Bankers--Properly Had

Author Naomi Prins was on "Democracy Now" today which I always DVR.  Yet another book I need to download and read. The book is entitled: "All the President's Bankers." I could have listened to her for hours.  I link it below.

She was on a show I do not often listen to, Alex Jones, who had her on for an hour after she wrote her first book. Jones is sensationalist journalism but because Prins had something worthy to say about the banks I link it.  

Here or

Personally, irrespective of what happens in my lifetime, we are I believe a doomed nation.  The only thing that saves the 1% is the ignorance of the American public. As Sherlock Holmes said: "We have been had, Watson, properly had."  

Monday, April 07, 2014

Fine Art – Psychopathic Killer; why did Hitler fear modern art?

Last evening a “Sixty Minutes” segment was dedicated to the theft of fine art by the Nazis.  This additional WWII fact is memorialized in the recent film entitled “Monument Men” retelling the retrieving of priceless art treasures by the Americans who attempted to return it to its former owners – museums, conquered persons as well as to those Jews swept into the tornadic vortex of the Holocaust.  If you missed the excellent segment I paste the link below and here.

Hitler considered modern art to be “madness” and “degeneracy.”  The irony, of course, was the "madness" was not in the modern art of the time but in the madness of the man.  Not only was Hitler a personal failure as an aspiring artist he was a degenerate as a man too. 

Hitler’s "art" was devoid of people except as stick figures.  He was, too, of course, a failure with women going after incestuously his niece, Geli Rubel leading to her suicide, and, in the end, as evidenced by his sexless loveless “marriage” to his partner-in-death, Eva Braun.  

The man was a psychological monstrosity.  The surprise in all this was the psycho/sociopath Hitler got millions of "sane" Germans, and the Axis powers to follow him.  That is the incredulity of Adolph Hitler.  "Good" people "nice" people marched to his jackboots and received him with open arms. 

WWII remains one of the most incomprehensible horrors of human brutality in the saga of man’s inhumanity to man against which many other world horrors are measured.  The article states that if Hitler succeeded in art it would have saved "several" million lives.  That is an understatement.  It would have saved 50-60 million lives total!

If you have not seen the segment I recommend you do.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Supersize This Putin: McDonalds Closes Crimean Locations By Donn Marten

Donn Marten reminds me of a cross between Matt Taibbi and Howard Zinn.  I do not always agree with him 100% but I sure love reading his commentary!


I cannot get Steve Kornacki's email but I think this is crucial if he is talking about Latino immigration which he is on UpwithSteveKornacki on MSNBC.

Latinos and all minority groups need to know that if one thinks Obama has been overstepping with deportations (Steve is debunking that notion) just WAIT until a Republican Congress and presidency God forbid gets in.  Then we will ALL have something to explode over.

REPUBLICANS are NOT the immigrant's friend.  They are their enemy and they are the enemy of the people all except the billionaire 1%!  GET  OUT THE DEMOCRATIC LATINO AND OTHER DEMOCRATIC voting blocks.  If we get power by keeping the Senate and taking the House immigration reform will happen!! Republicans are the ONLY things in the way.  

You should post this anywhere you can!  GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE -- this is the ONLY hope we have.  Republican jerks are gerrymandering districts, suppressing the vote and flooding their politics with GARGANTUAN money by Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions opening up the floodgates.

Send this to whomever you choose.