Sunday, April 06, 2014


I cannot get Steve Kornacki's email but I think this is crucial if he is talking about Latino immigration which he is on UpwithSteveKornacki on MSNBC.

Latinos and all minority groups need to know that if one thinks Obama has been overstepping with deportations (Steve is debunking that notion) just WAIT until a Republican Congress and presidency God forbid gets in.  Then we will ALL have something to explode over.

REPUBLICANS are NOT the immigrant's friend.  They are their enemy and they are the enemy of the people all except the billionaire 1%!  GET  OUT THE DEMOCRATIC LATINO AND OTHER DEMOCRATIC voting blocks.  If we get power by keeping the Senate and taking the House immigration reform will happen!! Republicans are the ONLY things in the way.  

You should post this anywhere you can!  GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE -- this is the ONLY hope we have.  Republican jerks are gerrymandering districts, suppressing the vote and flooding their politics with GARGANTUAN money by Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions opening up the floodgates.

Send this to whomever you choose.

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