Friday, November 27, 2015

"Spotlight": Why a free press matters

I saw the film "Spotlight" which is, as most likely know, a film about the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team’s exposé of systemic pedophile sexual abuse of children by priests in the Catholic Church in Boston and the Church’s cover-up complicity of it.  Viewing it took courage as, quite frankly, some things despite the worldly horrors we are privy to each day, are so noxious, hypocritical and sickening that it takes fortitude to view the stories about it in detail.
The film itself starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams was expertly crafted and the acting was without flaw.  Happily, it did not reenact the many sickening crimes.  Through a few adults re-telling their horrific experiences one could, I thought, cope with the retelling of their trauma.  It was a seamless and truth-telling reenactment of the "Spotlight" team's investigation of the Catholic Church's most impactful and nearly self-immolative destruction not only in Boston but ultimately all over the nation and even the world.  The Globe's exposé was an earthquake indictment of an institution many thought sat next to God himself.
Sadly, most institutions whether the Church or money-driven power-crazed government will sell their soul for a price and the Church paid a heavy price for doing just that transferring pedophile priests from parish to parish and "treatment" centers to "treatment" centers without a whisper to the authorities of the priestly crime of sexual abuse of minors lest it cast aspersions on a sacrosanct institution.  The church remained in silent cover-up of itself despite its rape of so many young souls.
I viewed it because I thought it important to do so much as I think it important to view the history of the Holocaust though it is difficult to do. We view these things so that light can be shown on silent darkness and so others may never know such crushing experiences again. "Spotlight" is spotless in its focus and makes crystal clear why a free press matters. Without the exposure of these indelible crimes by the press they might never have seen the light of truthful day and nothing would ever change from one generation to the next.