Monday, October 17, 2016


Trump is ramping up his know nothing base claiming the GOP, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton are rigging his near certain loss for president. There is, he says, an international banking conspiracy to do so.  Where is the evidence? As in the president's foreign place of birth he still questions even now despite his tersely weak statement saying otherwise, he has none.   Seldom does he say most things with proof. In Trump's world truth matters not but the eternal lies he tells are infinite and accepted by his followers without question. This minority threatens to overthrow our government if Hillary is elected, arrest her and summarily execute her.  Vandals firebombed Republican headquarters in North Carolina. It was Democrats who gave $12,000 to rebuilt it.  Who are the real patriots?

Trump has no one to blame but himself urging his adherents on to a fevered pitch threatening to never accept the electoral outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The protestation offshoot of this is right wing extremist violence. In the end the GOP created the monster Trump and he has spawned the fascists who compose his ranks.

Trump’s minions are warned not to threaten violent overthrow of the government unless they do not mind dying at the hands of the army, National Guard and other forces the US has in its arsenal to defend itself from sedition something so alien to all we know as a modern nation.

I reject most all Republican policies but I accept, when necessary, Republicans’ elevation to power. Verbally and in written word I protest their policies and hope for change.  Sometimes I get it and sometimes not.  I accept it even if unhappily so.  The full faith and credit of the American government will not be destroyed. A rational democracy must be our way of life to survive as a people, it is the American way and it will be the radicals' way whether they like it or not!