Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Elizabeth Warren was in Marlboro, Massachusetts last Sunday.  Did you see it reported by television, cable and local news organizations?  If you answered no I will say I did not see her either.  The media coverage of Elizabeth Warren is a DISGRACE.

This is the biggest and I aver one of the most important senate races in the country.  If Elizabeth wins it will be HUGE and right now the polls show a close race.  Hopefully once Massachusetts gets to see and hear her they will fall in love with her candidacy as I did.  My hope is that she will win and have as positive impact on the state as Teddy Kennedy did for decades but she cannot do it if she does not get press coverage while her opponent simply has to drive up in his truck and brown jacket and a camera is in his face!  It is simply unfair.

The press does a disservice to the State of Massachusetts and a disservice to the nation with its pathetic lack of coverage of this price-above-rubies candidate, Elizabeth Warren.  We live in crucial electoral times calling for crucial votes for the 99%.  Elizabeth will be on our side as her opponent will be for the top 1% richest.

A large segment of the press has been accused of being in the pockets of big corporate everything skewing the election red and buying up power with Karl Rove's deep pocket bucks making our nation into the oligarchy that many say it is.  When the press does NOT cover someone like Elizabeth Warren then I can surely see what they mean!