Friday, May 23, 2008

Raging Religion: The latest flap over the gross faux pas of a variety of religious pastors is reflection extraordinaire of the folly of religion. The good religion sometimes reflects is eclipsed over millennia by the discord is has sewn. Our own oft reactionary century does, indeed, seem to be going backwards. Although we deem ourselves technologically advanced and the heirs to the Age of Enlightenment, we are soaked in religiously futile unprovable argument the irrational tenets and truth of which no one can effectively argue. The Bible, a 5000 year old document, loaded with divergence of thought, historical and scientific error, is used by the three major monotheistic faiths as allegedly provable justification for nearly any philosophy one may want to adopt and any behavior, no matter how extreme, one may want to justify.

Pastor Hegee claims to know exactly what God had in mind for the Jews. He uses an ancient Jewish text to make the unmitigatedly insulting postulation that God used Hitler for the purpose of creating the contemporary Jewish state. The utter absurdity of a comment that suggests a God would slaughter 6 million innocents including 1 million children to create a nation state stands on its own.

Pastor Parsley suggests he knows just what our Founding Fathers had in mind and that was to destroy Islam. The absurdity of that, yet again, is not only self evident it is historically ridiculous and blatantly untrue. The pastoral indictments go on and on. Yet there are many in our country who believe preposterous things and question nothing. There are others, still, who care nothing about religion usurping a place in the halls of power. They stand silent. Our candidates for the highest office in the land feel, sadly, they need to court those who hold these inane beliefs and pay homage to those who want to translate those beliefs into public policy. This is chilling. Science in its quest to alleviate human suffering and its bedfellow critical thought are at risk.

To the contrary of what these utterly ridiculous pastors aver, our Founding Fathers knew religion could be dangerous because they witnessed its onslaught. They tried by constitutionally enshrining the wall of church state separation to prevent the barbarity religious argument can impose. Our country depends upon recapturing their sanity. Our very survival hangs in the balance.