Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Relief for Israel: The below link to UTube was sent by a family member living in Jerusalem. Please click on it so Utube will not remove it.

Naturally, the Israeli attack on the relief ship for Gaza is receiving world wide condemnation. Of course when Islamic fanatics blow themselves up ALL over the world taking thousands of innocents with them one hears BARELY a peep of criticism. I do not think Israel is always right BUT I do CERTAINLY not think it is always wrong. It bears a heavy burden that of existential survival. The truth is there is an ongoing blockade of Gaza because Hamas which rules Gaza has NO intention of letting the Jewish state live, has bombed it repeatedly, sent suicide bombers into Israel to wreak havoc and killed many. Israel did not know if that relief ship had hidden guns and men to launch an attack when it docked (possibly with Iranian technology nuclear or otherwise aboard.) It surely was a PR trap for Israel. What could it do?

Israel in turn will NOT let ANY state, international waters or not, interfere with its embargo of Gaza UNTIL and ONLY until Israel receives a signed promise from Gaza that hostilities will cease and that Israeli sovereignty will be recognized. The US imposes embargoes ALL the time on rogue states which pose a threat. Israel has no less an obligation to the safety and security of its people by any means necessary.

No, this is not the traditional left wing line. Well, I am in lock step with no one. I know free states when I see them, I know western like advanced states when I see them too. I KNOW when the emperor wears no clothes and when he does. For all of its faults Israel is the freest, most democratic, most technologically and scientifically advanced secular state in that sad region of the world. I do NOT want to see Palestinians suffer BUT I DO want the State of Israel to be recognized and left alone so a real peace process can ensue. It is high time for that to occur.