Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Mitt Romney is a VALUELESS BRUTAL, MEAN and DISGUSTING empty suit. HAVE YOU NO SHAME, MITT ROMNEY, AT LONG LAST HAVE YOU NO SHAME to use this tragedy in Libya to preempt the president of the United States to make a political gain. Unbelievable if ANYONE would give him their vote. WOULD WE BE BETTER off with a SHOOT from the hip response OR would we be better off to find out at LEAST what the circumstances are and act accordingly. Those at the embassy that was violently breached TRIED as best they could to defuse the situation by calling for tolerance of ALL religion.

The president did NOT make it political, came out like a human being and spoke this a.m. He handled it in a PRESIDENTIAL way and it is why in the wisdom of the people of the US they saw fit to make him president. YOU WANT YET ANOTHER WAR in the Middle East? How much will it cost? How much do you want to spend in blood and treasure and Romney is a guy who comes out BEFORE the president as NEVER even served nor did his sons risk THEIR lives nor does he know ANYTHING about American foreign policy. HE IS A MEAN and EVIL HYPOCRITE and I HOPE will pay dearly at the voting booth in November!