Monday, April 28, 2014

Tarnished Sterling

Yes, in our nation anyone can say most anything especially with respect to political or social commentary. But we are also a nation of consumers in venues like Chick Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, sports arenas and many others. Once the rational and humane consumer becomes aware of the owners' oppressive discriminatory thoughts and actions we do not have to support what he is selling so he can derive a huge profit and live in splendor while the 98% of us he/she uses and cares nothing about suffer.

Mr. Tarnished Don Sterling hypocrite "conservative" supreme cannot even obey his marital vows. So much for the "sanctity of marriage" about which conservatives scream from the rafters.

I show my disgust by never frequenting establishments that I know of owned by racists and others who are on that side of the right wing corrupt political spectrum. I take a stand. Whether others do or not is up to them. I think for the good of our country Mr. Tarnished Sterling should resign the NBA for his revolting racist sentiments in a league dominated by talented and skilled persons of color who work very very hard for the beast that thinks he is a slave owner doing them a favor. THEY, Mr. Hypocrite Sterling, are the ones doing YOU the favor!

For the good of the nation racism should not be part of our base. Only we can make it happen and only we through our vote can reject these charlatan "conservative" and often Republican know nothings before they usurp power they should not have!