Thursday, November 05, 2015

Vote Distribution In Kentucky Is A 'Significant Anomaly'

What you should know: Republicans steal elections and think nothing about the ethics of doing it. Just ask Al Gore in 2000 and if you research it I am sure there are many instances of more Republican fraud. Funny they are the ones who prevented persons of color and other Democrats from voting to "reduce fraud." Oh sure. Believe that and I'll tell you another lie.

The election in Kentucky was an anomaly. Here is the link that casts doubt on it. The problem is proving it now is difficult and in my opinion Conway conceded too soon.

Moral for 2016: Watch YOUR voting booth and make sure things are ethically pristine. Do so all over the nation!

Citizen Charlatan

Carson is a charlatan times 10 and has had six medical malpractice suits against him during his tenure at Johns Hopkins.  I have on good authority Carson is NOT all that great a physician and not really that respected in his field. He got lucky because he was on a team there that separated conjoined twins but after that things went south (pardon the pun)  including a case when he left a sponge in the brain of a woman he operated on and erroneously operated on another for a brain tumor she did not have. I have not read the links in their entirety but I will post them for you below.

In sum Democrats, progressives and liberals must get off their asses and vote. Only 30% voted yesterday and while Rome was burning Democrats fiddled since 2008 and even earlier than that to maybe 1972 when Nixon planned his southern strategy. This horrendousness is done by mainly older whites but the country will NOT stay that way. The Republicans knew that and did their homework; Democrats made up of the youth vote concentrated on the next IPhone or tech gadget and did not think it was important enough to vote in off year elections. 

These idiots in Kentucky just took 400,000 off of health car and these Baggers fail to see the Republicon (sic) Party is NOT about any of them. They care about racist conservative social issues more than they care about universal health as a right or if someone goes to bed hungry it is society's obligation to feed them. That's the domain of Democrats who FAIL miserably to tell their truth!