Friday, April 25, 2014

Bundy’s Bund—The American Soul

In America in the 1930’s there were supporters, here, of the nascent NAZI Party and its German (although he was Austrian) fascist leader whose name I need not mention.  One could find some supporters of this unmentionable man in an organization that became known here as the German American Bund.  They were surely not the majority of Americans of German or Austrian descent just as the majority of Japanese in this country were loyal Americans but that the German American Bund was present in this nation nonetheless cannot be denied. 

Clive Bundy has an appropriate name because he is now one of the leaders of another bund, similar in philosophical racist nature to the German/American Bund of an earlier era and he is accompanied by other extremist rightwing militia malcontents who support him.  They, do not believe in the federal government unless of course if the White House were occupied by a wingnut nativist or when the federal right wing Supreme Court hands down decisions from the fabulous five justices they happen to love.  Curiously enough before the election of the half African American Barack Obama these right wing white supremacist nationalist hate groups were at an all-time low.  Elect Obama and their membership has exponentially grown.  Threats to the president are now commonplace as the hate they spread courses through the veins of Bundy-like nincompoops as a poisonous snake winds its way into the Nevada desert.

These know nothing English fracturing unable-to-utter-a-grammatically-correct- sentence Cretans should not be given the respect of newsworthy time which simply feeds the insatiable American appetite for sensationalist news and the networks' (Fox comes to mind) desire to make as many billions they can from it.  Bundy’s Bund is an American monstrosity that has as its ideological poetry underpinning a familiar ode in the racist segregationist south before and, indeed, after the Civil War.  It was no surprise Bund Bundy uttered the imbecilic racist “ideas” he did concerning the advantageousness of the institution of slavery to the Negro (his word not mine.)  His pea brain thinks and he says it would have been better for the Negro (again, his word not mine) had slavery not ended so Negroes could exist corncob pipe in hand, on their porch in familial bliss if they only learned how to pick cotton.  I suggest he try slavery himself sometime.  There is plenty of it around the world to test his assumptions.

The only thing more incredulous than what this sewage exporting guttersnipe Bund Bundy says is the number of American misfits who are standing at his side pretending to be Colonial Minutemen, weapons in hand ready to kill a federal government officer at a moment’s notice.  Bundy’s Bund is the reflection of a shameful fact of American life which is still even now in the nation’s blood resurrecting old Civil War canards nearly 150 years after the Union kicked the Confederate racists’ posterior costing us over 600,000 lives. 

Bundy’s Bund thrives on fomenting racist discord and its sidecar of violence.  The networks thrive on the money he makes them.  Shame on his supporter Fox News once again for the lies they perpetrate and the divisiveness they sow.  May Bundy and those idiots who support him slide back into the primordial cesspool soup of life from whence they came so the cancer that exists in our body politic can be exorcised and cleansed from our nation’s soul once and for all!

The Cycle of Life, the Blue Marble and us

The article below "Blood from world's oldest woman (115) suggests life limit" presents amazing science as it studies the blood of the oldest woman who lived to age 115.  

We know, all of us, that everyone and every living thing on the planet dies.  It must to keep the planet alive.  Can you imagine if human beings and every mortal thing on earth lived twice or even three times what they do now?  It would make the planet unlivable with an overgrowth that would be unsustainable.  Death and rebirth is nature's house cleaner; its insurance policy to keep the planet going and in balance.

And yet who among us wants to die or looks forward to the physical onslaughts of aging?  Humans have attempted, successfully, to live much longer.  Without medical intervention the human life span would be about 45 years but because of the medical and technological improvements of science it has been extended much longer.  We can see the difficulties (and the joys) that this presents.  In America it does seem that, culturally, we think of death as wrong; that it should not be but it must be, is, and always will be within our cycle of life.  It is, I think, one of nature’s rules as it is one of the human conundrums. 

The process of aging as the legend in her time, the actress Bette Davis said, "ain't for sissies."  It can be and often is difficult because we extend life beyond the dictates of nature’s command.  Youth all around us is filled with joy and enthusiasm but I suspect there are few of us once we reach close or to old age are so joyous to confront it.  Religion sees this and points to eternal life through faith.  For those of us who are in love with science the religious myths, at least for me, offer little to no comfort.  I am a realist.  Life is to me, as the philosopher Hobbs said, nasty, brutish and ever so short.  Despite this fact, though, life remains for me not long enough!

No matter what our human experience most, every day, go on yearning to take another breath, sometimes just one more, to stay alive.  Why?  For me it is because I love life's mysteries, the human ability (and seemingly only the human ability) to see its beauty, to understand it and to strive to see it one more day; to see one more mystery solved, to see history unfold and, of course, to see longer those I love .  I want to see how it all turns out, I want to know what happens and truthfully, in my egotistical way ever since life’s vale of self was lifted at about age 3, I cannot envision life without me.  It will, though, be without me, one day, despite all my attempts which are legion, to avert its end.  Life goes on no matter what, the planet will endure I suspect even with human attempts to kill it.  That blue marble planet in the heavens we can now see is our home.  We should do everything we humanly can to keep it blue, healthy and sustainable for those, whether related or not, who come for generations after us.

Blood from world's oldest woman (115) suggests life limit.  Here or at this link: