Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Brighter Day

The headline: "Republicans Aren't Moving On From Obamacare." The link:  here or

I love the ad nauseum no issue issues Republicons keep trying to pedal such as the evils of Obamacare after trying to unsuccessfully repeal it 50 times.  They simply do not want people who need it to have affordable health care. Republicons would rather see people die because of maladies from which they should not die and Republicons have said so.

Republicons bring up their recycled "issues" ad nauseum (a good phrase) until one, indeed, wants to throw up from their never-ending whining and fake complaints. Republicons have nothing, zero, nada, zilch on which to run. They chew up, chew up, and chew up some more masticating their fake issues until there is nothing left to eat.

Obamacare is now a success beyond anyone's wildest dreams and it will be more so as time goes on.  What's a Party to do when it has nothing on which to run?  It loses and loses big. Hopefully, it, instead of the electorate, dies.

They have nothing because they are the party of obstruction-of-anything-Obama even if the president's policy is good because the failure of the Obama presidency has been, since 2008 the Republicons' only goal.  They lost in 2008, in 2012 and WILL, hopefully, lose in 2014 and beyond significantly so.

The country by November will have moved on and be cured of the fatal disease of Obamacare Derangement Syndrome because the president's signature health care policy is working and it will improve over time.

Absolutely no issue -- not Benghazi, not the IRS, not the authenticity of the president's birth certificate and certainly not the fake evils of Obamacare -- is going to work for Republicons.  The future sees a fractured Republicon Party serving cooked goose.  They are crossing their finish line dead last as the country eschews obstructionism, racism, and nativitist right wing violent anti-government sentiment that have, even by the assessment of many of their "intellectual" advocates failed.

Democrats and Progressives, DEFEND our good policy loud -- VERY loud -- and clear then make sure the Democratic Party and Progressives EVERYWHERE get out to vote in 2014 no matter how much Republicons try to suppress it.  We must get these Republicon albatrosses, finally, off our necks so the country can move on to a brighter day!

Democrats and Progressives get out TO vote and get out THE vote. Take back the House, keep the Senate and vie to win state legislatures and governor's offices across the nation.