Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rich Frank Rich:

Once upon a time a friend of mine and I were thinking of businesses we could develop. My house needed a lot of repairs and I said it's too bad there is no man around to help at which point she said: "I've got it! Let's form a business called "Rent-A-Man!" What a great idea.

It seems that one of the founders of the Family Research Group, George Rekers, a virulent hypocritical snake who has made money from pushing the right wingnut anti-gay marriage, anti-gay adoption and fake cures for homosexuality agenda while at the same time perusing web sites like "Rent-A-Boy." Why would he peruse Rent-A-Boy you ask? He alleges he rented this boy to "carry his luggage" due to a back injury he sustained. Believe that one and I have some snake oil I'd like to sell you!

In case some do not read the NYT, yet again Frank Rich shows himself to be a superb editorialist. See Link below to his May 14, 2010 Sunday New York Times "A Heaven Sent Rent-Boy" AND while your at it check out the site "Rent-A-Boy." Wonder what chores he could do?