Saturday, September 26, 2015

God's Plan

"Hundreds Turned Away From Only Session On Gays At Catholic Meeting"

"The room was changed last minute from one that could hold 10,000 to another that seated just 1,000." Link here or below.
Justice and fairness are part of this papacy and should be no less so for gay Catholics. I love this Pope and have said it numerous times even though I am not even Catholic BUT the second class citizenship of Catholic gays is also a part of the Church and a view of the Pope's that has changed somewhat as he said when asked about homosexuality “Who am I to judge?  It has, though, obviously, changed not enough if hundreds of gay Catholics can be frozen out of a room lest it look like there are too many.  Guess what?  There ARE many.
It is ridiculous to assume everyone else on planet earth can enjoy another human being in the closest way possible but this is something if one is born gay, and I believe it is DNA directed for most, that no person should be denied. It is preposterous that they moved hundreds of gay people and maybe more so they could include only a small amount of gays in the room because it just looks better. I ask better to whom?  It is like persons of color being told it's natural for them to sit separate from whites in the back of the bus or that they cannot enjoy a movie in the same way whites can; indeed, told they are not the same or as good as whites and should not enjoy the privilege white bestows. 

Gays are human beings, part of God's plan but they are evidently to the Church not quite as good as straights.  I say baloney this cannot be coming from a Church just a decade ago that was a magnet for male homosexual priests whose thought process was often not celibacy.

I want to love this Pope and his papacy even more but until they make the human life experience acceptable and not an instrument of torture for their gay brothers and sisters I cannot say that I do accept it more ... yet.
I believe in time the Church will know the etiology of one's sexuality and accept it as it did Galileo’s understanding of the earth's place among the planets with the sun as its center. I believe in time the Church will accept women as priests, I believe in time that it will allow priests to marry in the same way it has lightened the load for divorced Catholics and brought the Church back into to the lives of the poor, the elderly, the sick and the dispossessed.
Until that time Pope Francis, though I love him much more than any other Pope I have subjected to my own historical analysis, will still leave an empty spot in the many hearts of his gay flock.


Methods to Some Madness

One should READ this article below instead of simply a knee jerk response that Russia is bad. There are methods to some madness and Putin's rationale might just be correct AND serve US interests in the process. Are there NO smart, prescient minds in our National Security state?

A World of Miracles

When I go to my email first thing in the a.m. I now am on an email list from the "Forward" newspaper, a long known Jewish paper created in 1897. It was (and still is) progressive, dedicated to the Jewish Community at that time. It was called then "The Daily Forward." The story it sent last night to me is a story of interest posted here or below.

Some I know saw the Therezen concentration camp (sometimes it said called Theresienstadt) and is entitled "Searching for a Photo of Childhood Friend Lost in the Holocaust." It is an amazing heart string-pulling story that has a rather miracle ending. It is truly a wonder in our mind numbing age of technology and the reach of Facebook.