Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The INCREDULOUS Jeff Jacoby -- Better lives WITH OIL?: Jeff, your column today "Oil Fuels Better Lives" (June 9, 2010)(Link below) proclaiming the virtues of oil like it was the Salk Vaccine is so utterly preposterous, so infinitely stupid, so blood pressure soaringly insane that I simply could not believe what I was reading. Perhaps it is because the arguments against drill baby drill and big oil are so utterly OBVIOUS -- climate change and all -- if they came down and hit you on your head they could not be any plainer.

To see what oil has done to us as a nation, how its rancid puke spewing out of everything from MILLIONS of our automobiles and smoke stacks poisoning EVEN our soup bowls should be enough as should seeing innocent wildlife painted in gobs of DEEP smothering oil struggling to take their last breath. I would LOVE to give you the money to go down to the Louisiana Gulf and to a stay in one place for a month and BREATH deeply as deeply as you can. Then pick up the oil from the beaches, and feel its softness. Then wade into the Gulf sea and take a swim. You can always shower later IF there is clean water. Compound this spill by thousands for over a hundred years all over the globe and you get some idea of the rancid effects this disgusting vomit fossil fuel has on humans, animals, the air we breath, the water we drink and the planet we depend on for life and the only one we know of to call home.

So I want you to go down there and breath the odoriferous air -- dispersant and all-- and just keep breathing -- DEEPLY. Oh yes, bring your kids and/or grandkids with you. Then I want someone to study your blood and follow you every day for as long as you live which probably because of this toxic soup won't be long. Breath it in WELL and let's start the clock to see what kind of cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, blood or lung disease and god knows whatever else disease you will get. And oh yes bring your kids along with you so they can study them too to see what kind of oil induced disease cuts their life short as well. So you advocate for these big oil murderers all so you can live a life of such ease. You may live a life of relative ease but after breathing that swill I guarantee it will be SHORT.

What a lousy deal with the devil you have waged and all so you can sit on your comfortable couch, watch your 3D HDTV, drive your expensive car, and ride in your plush boat so you can have such an easy life I don't know how anyone could resist. As long as we all have gas masks we should make out swimmingly.

Honestly, Jeff, sometimes, I would love to know from under what rock or from what primordial soup did you emerge!