Friday, May 09, 2008

The New York Times article today (link below) "Hezbollah has taken control of the streets of Beruit" is chilling.

We can lay the horrific expansion of radical Islamic factional insanity gaining strength every day at the feet of George W. Bush's inept Iraq policy. The factional violence between Sunni and Shia is spreading to Lebanon. I fear it will spread to Egypt , to Saudi Arabia and worst of all to nuclear armed Pakistan. It is not only as simple as Shia on Sunni. It is extraordinarily complex with factions within factions within armed thuggish groups fighting against each other. Oil is in the mix. It is mind numbing.

The US can bail out no one. We have no army, money left or will to do anything more. Iraq was supposed to provide real peace and security in that prone-to-violence neck of the woods -- some peace and some security. George W. Bush's failed international policies have provided psychological impetus to Hamas, Hezbollah and many other radical and terrorist groups.

I have never seen this country or the world on the most extreme precipice of disaster in the history I have witnessed or known. The US has no allies of substance to show muscle to these ideological totalitarian movements except Israel which has its own survival at stake. Europe will only sit back this time and watch the movie. The beat goes on. More reasons we need Barak Obama and not more of the same McCain.