Sunday, November 29, 2015

Donald Trump's Good Fortune

In the psychologically profound film “Ordinary People” about a family coping with the death of their oldest son there is a confrontation on a golf course between the Beth, mother of the dead son and her brother, Ward, seemingly untouched by family tragedy.  It is the following:

Ward: Beth, we just want you to be happy.
Beth Jarrett: Happy! Ward, you tell me the meaning of happy.  But first you better make sure your kids are good and safe, that they haven't fallen off a horse, been hit by a car, or drown in that swimming pool you're so proud of!
Audrey (Ward’s wife): Oh Beth!
Beth Jarrett: Then, you come and tell me how to be happy!"

I loved that film because it spoke to me.  I know both what the loss of a child can do to a family and I know disability from my own personal experience.  My mother knew both as well since she lost that child two weeks after giving birth to it.  She knew sadness again when her only surviving child suffered paralysis from polio.  She said to me that she was not so fearful for my childhood, although children can be cruel, but she worried about my young adult years when the goal is a body beautiful to snag a mate. 

In reality my childhood did not endure taunts by friends but my experiences as an adult were more problematic.  One “friend” compared me to a pigeon who had lost its foot saying “Oh look that pigeon looks like you!”  A boy with whom I was supposed to blind date walked away from me as soon as he saw me walk.  There were, of course, more uncomfortable experiences that are both unnecessary for me to relate and difficult about which to write.

I relate these personal experiences in response to the clear mocking by Donald Trump of the joint disease disabled reporter he claims he did not know but whose lies about those claims are exposed by those who know the truth and say so for all the world to hear.  Clearly, Trump knew him and clearly Trump was mocking him because the writer caught him in yet another lie one of so many he tells.

No one who has not experienced it can truly understand what it means to be physically different.  No one who has not experienced it can truly understand what it means to walk out of the door with a disability which not only makes it harder to navigate but harder to endure the insensitivities of others who seemingly win life’s lottery.

It is hard to know what to say to this Cretan Trump man with no heart.  If we become intoxicated with his insensitive evil then WE become truly evil ourselves.  I suspect and I surely hope in the end he will fail and that he will do so in no small part because of his wretched mocking of a disabled man!  Extrapolating Beth of “Ordinary People” fame: Lucky are you, Donald Trump, that you have had good fortune that your kids are good and safe, that they haven't fallen off a horse, been hit by a car, or drown despite the riches of which you are so proud.  Quoting another from the Bible Trump says he loves so much but I suspect he has not read:  “What profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?”  What profit a man, Donald Trump, what profit him indeed?!


Lloyd Kaye: “Metro West News, November 29, 2015 Lives lost to 'knee-jerk militarism” -- My Response

Lloyd Kaye--Lives lost to knee-jerk militarism:  There are still some people unwilling to walk down the path of militarism. I am one of them.

Vietnam was insane. Iraq was a crime. And what we have done and doing to the Middle East and its people is simple indiscriminate bombing of huge populations of civilians. There is no justification, only families left lifeless in their own homes as a result of 500 pound bombs from U.S. aircraft or drones. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. Justifying this policy of militarism has never been and will never be acceptable.

The result of such large-scale bombing has already left millions of refugees all over the borders of Jordan and other nations unable to provide the services needed for so many. The unwillingness of the West to reform the Picot-Sykes borders or to stop supporting dictatorships for decades at a time has resulted in a societal destabilization of the Middle East and is now spreading to Europe and Asia. One of the problems related to all this is the unwillingness of the West to admit publicly what they have done in the Middle East the past 40 years.

Sadly, I am hoping mature diplomatic negotiations and agreements will take place and prevail. However, the knee-jerk reaction of militarism has again taken the West down a path of wasted time and resources and lives.

My Response:

Lloyd, another wonderfully written opinion by you and one to which I agree most profoundly. Nations it seems rarely admit fault or guilt for the heinous actions of violence they employ in war unless they are roundly defeated. With the exception of Nazi Germany I am having a hard time coming up with ones who admit guilt.

Every war you site in which the US has engaged in merciless tactical killing of innocents I believe is correct. At least the obliteration of the hospital of Doctors Without Borders engendered an apology and an admitted mistake by US military brass but that is rare. Not only does the US not apologize for is gruesome mistakes of waging futile wars it does not usually even admit the mistakes exist.

The Middle East mess is courtesy of a George Bush administration -- a man who did not have the cerebral capability needed for a president of the most powerful nation on earth. It was chilling that man who did not even get the popular vote was elected by a politicized Supreme Court. Now we pay the price when we elect clearly unqualified leaders.

The chickens are coming home to roost even to our allies because this nation post WWII is addicted to war that makes millions of bucks for our Washington entrenched military industrial complex. The first rule of an alcoholic addiction problem is to admit one has one. Now we suffer not only in trillions of bucks wasted but so many lives lost and other lives by the tens of thousands perhaps if one counts those who are on the receiving end of the bunker busting bombs millions ruined. It is a tragedy, an American tragedy, of Shakespearean proportions which still has no end in sight.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Thanksgiving response to a friend

The sentiments that you said in your email made me cry out of thankfulness. You are MY template for all that is good in us. I am more than thankful for you, I am blessed because of you!

I just had time to read the attachment you sent. There is nothing to oppose. The Indians like so many "others" got their posterior handed to them by Anglo Europeans. Learning these things does not surprise me nor does learning about Indian history before the Anglos had the inclination to overtake the land surprise me either.

What it does is emphasize man's proclivity to view every "other" with suspicion and worthy of ultimately eradication. That never left us as we so often today see war a constant method of ameliorating the bad as we define it. Will it ever be different?
I say the Serenity Prayer: "God grant me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

Our nation's Thanksgiving myth will probably never be eradicated and in truth maybe it shouldn't be. It emphasizes befriending the "other," sharing a meal with him and accepting each other for who they are. Okay, so it's a myth but the sentiments are good and let's face it the Anglo European culture (though thoroughly mixed) is not going anywhere any time soon. I say, know the truth but remember the good parts of myth as it is better than always thinking that the Anglos brought disease to a people who were later trampled to death, nearly eradicated through the wars that were waged a upon them and the agreements Anglos made with them broken.

What would our nation be like had the Europeans never set foot on this soil? I suspect whatever it would have been it would not be so great. This Mecca of amalgamation that is America may, as Lincoln said, not perish from the earth.

Love always to all those you love in your life

Friday, November 27, 2015

"Spotlight": Why a free press matters

I saw the film "Spotlight" which is, as most likely know, a film about the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team’s exposé of systemic pedophile sexual abuse of children by priests in the Catholic Church in Boston and the Church’s cover-up complicity of it.  Viewing it took courage as, quite frankly, some things despite the worldly horrors we are privy to each day, are so noxious, hypocritical and sickening that it takes fortitude to view the stories about it in detail.
The film itself starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams was expertly crafted and the acting was without flaw.  Happily, it did not reenact the many sickening crimes.  Through a few adults re-telling their horrific experiences one could, I thought, cope with the retelling of their trauma.  It was a seamless and truth-telling reenactment of the "Spotlight" team's investigation of the Catholic Church's most impactful and nearly self-immolative destruction not only in Boston but ultimately all over the nation and even the world.  The Globe's exposé was an earthquake indictment of an institution many thought sat next to God himself.
Sadly, most institutions whether the Church or money-driven power-crazed government will sell their soul for a price and the Church paid a heavy price for doing just that transferring pedophile priests from parish to parish and "treatment" centers to "treatment" centers without a whisper to the authorities of the priestly crime of sexual abuse of minors lest it cast aspersions on a sacrosanct institution.  The church remained in silent cover-up of itself despite its rape of so many young souls.
I viewed it because I thought it important to do so much as I think it important to view the history of the Holocaust though it is difficult to do. We view these things so that light can be shown on silent darkness and so others may never know such crushing experiences again. "Spotlight" is spotless in its focus and makes crystal clear why a free press matters. Without the exposure of these indelible crimes by the press they might never have seen the light of truthful day and nothing would ever change from one generation to the next.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Framing this utterly funny pic Norman Rockwell would love!

Eating Trump would make me sick!;-)

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I thought this blogger's post below was worthy of note.  It is in response to those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving or do so as a holiday of mourning--the Indians.  There is another story someone posted that remembers history which does not begin in 1620.  I paste it indented and in italics and my response is below it.

There is more to the history of Thanksgiving than the Pilgrims.  He states:

The Mashpee Wampanoag were (literally) decimated before the Pilgrims arrived; first by war with another Indian tribe (the Tarrantine War 1607-15) then by an epidemic (1616-19), leaving only about 10% of the 1600 population to greet the Plymouth landing in 1620.

The then-leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag ( Massasoit) allied with the Pilgrims for protection against the Narraganset, which proved provident when the Narraganset attacked the Wampanoag in 1632 and the Pilgrims came to their aid.

It was not until the next generation that the settlers and the Wampanoag fell out, resulting in the1675/76 King Phillips War (King Phillip was Massasoits's son.)

Few Americans know our own history let alone history before the Pilgrims arrived.  That is the problem. Our history by many is divided into the white hats (the good guys) and the black hats (the bad guys.) If it were examined one would see the hats are a variety of shades of grey.

I for one am thankful my grandparents had the foresight at the beginning of the 20th century to have immigrated here. If they had not either the Russian pogroms or ultimately the Holocaust would have killed them. I celebrate Thanksgiving as my favorite of all American holidays with the knowledge that there is always more to the story.
Every time I take a shower and clean water comes out I sing "God Bless America!" So many in this sad world of ours look forward to a life of famine, disease and/or war. We must help humanity improve living conditions which in the end is the real key to ending conflict and send war to the ash bin of history!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!:-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Someday historians -- good ones -- will analyze our era, as most now do of my idol FDR’s internment of the American Japanese during WWII, as shameful. NPR broadcast a segment of a Japanese woman who, as a young child, was interned in a Japanese-American camp. What her family went through, like many Holocaust survivors, was heart wrenching. The psychological scars often did not heal and, like many who survived the German camps, her father could not and never did talk about it. Their property was confiscated and their lives wretchedly uprooted.

George Takei of Star Trek fame tells a harrowing story of his family and him bused to a Japanese relocation camp of an American variety. These were people who did NOT hold allegiance to Japan.  They were thoroughly American. Their only sin was to be born Japanese at a time when this nation was at war with Japan.  Interning them is an indelible stain on this nation's history that can never be washed away.  I thought when I heard the rendition of the American Japanese experience that our nation would never again do such a thing but, as the conservative icon Ronald Reagan would say, "There you go again."  The rancid rhetoric and treatment of those Syrians who merely want to escape war with their lives in a nation whose Lady Liberty statue welcomes the huddled masses with open arms is an abomination.

The US Syrian refugee vetting process is in extremis complex and the ad infinitum requirements to get into this country many.  The fiery hoops Syrians must jump through to gain sanctuary let alone citizenship are daunting.  Why Syrian refugees would want to come to our exceptionally unwelcoming land I do not know.  It's hard enough for persons of color whose ancestors came here in chains. Those African Americans who were born here have had their voting rights taken away, many have been jailed and more than a few have been shot dead in the streets by over-reactive police. 

A pox on Republican heads whose racist rhetoric is reflected in what comes out of the mouths of the leading Republican candidates and is a national disgrace. When these mendacious Republicans die may their souls, if they have them, never rest in peace!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Plane Near Syrian Border" + a joke

"This complicates an already complicated situation in the Middle East"
here or

Points to remember: Russia's ally is Syria and our ally is the rebels trying to overthrow Syria's Assad. Russia is targeting the rebels, Turkey's enemy is Syria and Turkey is our ally. Turkey just shot down a Russian jet? Sounds like the bane of my existence -- an algebraic word problem:

"If I have 3 apples and you have 9 pencils then how many pancakes will fit on the roof? Purple. Because aliens don't wear hats!" Okay, just trying to see some levity in this horror show.

Welcome to war in the Middle East. If you thought World War One was too complicated to understand this makes that war seem like a sandbox dispute. This is utter LUNACY and we will be dragged into just what ISIS wants another war.

This is NOT good. I just hope it is not WWIII. Call me a pessimist -- that I am -- but I think there is some merit to the madness of my worried thought.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mental Illness Madness: Babysitter in alleged Hamilton kidnapping held without bail

Babysitter in alleged Hamilton kidnapping held without bail
Abigail Hanna, 21, allegedly kidnapped 2-year-old: story here or below:

Tom Crosby and his wife should be given heroes' medals. Initially, as they drove down a sparsely-settled dirt road in Rowley, Mass, they thought they saw a doll lying face-down naked in the leaves at the side of the road but they had the good sense to turn around to make sure and by doing so found a little girl shivering from the cold, bruised with cigarette butt burns on her body. They called police and saved that gorgeous child's life. Kudos to them and kudos to all those who were and are involved in the investigation of this heinous crime.

Clearly, the alleged 21 year old perpetrator is saturated with mental illness and, who knows, an arm-chair diagnosis of possibly psychosis. Our nation is drowning in mental illness in so many ways. What happened to us or maybe it was always this way but never discussed. I do not know. We have so many fixes for diseases below the brain but little fix for the brain itself especially so for mental illness. It is very hard to treat and meds are often thrown into a hat to try with little or no measurement for their use. Mental illness, too, takes lives but our culture has little empathy for one who suffers from it. Is it genetics or environment -- nature or nurture? In the end it is a disease which needs an ameliorative fix as other diseases do. Unlike other diseases of the body like diabetes or even cancer mental illness affects behavior and therefore has implication for all of us who are at the other end of its ugly assault.

My heart goes out to everyone in this story. At least there is a happy ending win for the child victim but a probable ruined life loss for the perpetrator of this unconscionable act. Our collective nation should be benefiting from research into the causes and cures of mental illness so that those who suffer from or who are the victims of its onslaught will be spared its ruin.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

If you want to hear something gorgeous listen--9 years old! "Hello"

She is 9 years old singing Adelle's "Hello" with a phenomenal voice.

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Restores my faith in our species.

Friday, November 20, 2015

My letter to Dr. Malk M.A. Kahn of Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland

Dr. Malk M.A. Kahn wrote a condemnation piece of the Paris attacks for the Islamic center in the Middlesex News.  I paste it here and below.  I commented on his thoughts.

It is so disgusting and heinous that Dr. Kahn even has to write an opinion of the Islamic rejection of the Paris attacks and really even all attacks for which innocent Muslims are so grievously indicted. Dr. Kahn, truly I think there are more who harbor views as I do believing in our constitutional system which CLEARLY separates church from state. Your belief is your business and rejecting these unconscionable attacks should NOT have to be stated by you or any in the greater Muslim community.

It is a given through our Constitutional principles that a man is considered innocent and it is up to the state NOT you to account for guilt. Your statement is well received by me, a Jew, who would no more hold you to account for any crime not committed by you than I would for me. Painting the Muslim community with a broad brush of guilt for something most would never think of committing is simply morally reprehensible. Most acts of violence are committed by a few political extremists or psychopaths and most all in the Muslim community are not about that.

Personally, in Paris I loved the hugs given to each other that show love and caring of one another. One woman was a Jew and the man was a Muslim. They hugged proving we are all human. I am you, Dr. Kahn, and you are me. We are the same under the skin. It is sad, indeed, that in this nation we have carnival barker Republican candidates that would take us back nearly a century when Jews were forced to identify themselves as Jews by a star of David on their clothing. Trump makes me ashamed.

The day when someone forces you to enter your name in a data base or wear a crescent on your lapel is the day I leave what will be a God forsaken land that has gone temporarily insane!


Read and Learn


Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Deal Breaker

Glenn Greenwald: It's 'Irrational' To Blame Paris Terrorism On Snowden

"Many large scale terrorist attacks have been successfully perpetrated well before anyone ever heard the name Edward Snowden." Link here or below.

I used to be a Glenn Greenwald fan. I even heard him speak at Harvard where one person said to me he was "a national treasure." I wish I had written the name of that person down to see what he thinks now.

Well before the ISIS attacks, initially when Snowden spilled the beans he and his mouthpiece Glenn Greenwald made me, a civil liberties aficionado, uncomfortable. I saw his pitch BUT also see the realities of the world in which we live. I thought Snowden's leak was utterly dangerous, stupid and naive to a fault.

In an imperfect world one must be intellectually challenged to think that thi
s country's adversaries would accord one the freedom that has been for years accorded to Glenn Greenwald. I always wondered what if Snowden and Glenn lived in Snowden's present residence, Russia, and Snowden had the same job for Russia that he held in the US. What if Snowden saw equal or even more egregious civil liberties abridgements, torture, jail for homosexuals and others who do not meet a patriotic test and even death for those who are deemed traitors to the state would Snowden have felt comfortable doing what he did here there and would Glenn, a citizen of Russia, too, have felt comfortable traveling all over the globe to get this story out?

I submit they would have been jailed without trial in a heartbeat second, probably tortured and then disposed of forthwith. Yes, I am willing, in view of the noxious attacks I have seen from ISIS and others to allow my government to do anything it needs to protect the homeland. I aver one does not appreciate what one has until one looses it and if both Snowden and Greenwald did what they did in Russia they would appreciate how good they had it here.

Snowden and Greenwald cannot pretend to know everything  Snowden released and if there were one shred of information that helped our nation's murderous adversaries -- which I am sure there is -- supporting both Snowden and Greenwald is a deal breaker for me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Metaphor for Darkness

"Massive Police Raid In Paris Suburb Targets Terror Mastermind
The seven-hour siege focused on Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks.Link here and below.
The Paris plotters are killed or captured but there are oceans more to take their place.  This is the face of eternal war.

12 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia but the genius Bush was persuaded into attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.  Bombing Afghanistan possessed, perhaps, some justification because they provided a safe haven to train those who would and did attack this nation.  Attacking Iraq based on a WMD lie, a nation that did nothing to us, to warrant military invasion became not only insanity but a war crime.  It revived ancient tribal and religious civil wars between Shia and Sunni Islam about which Bush did staggeringly not know.  He did not even know the difference between Shia and Sunni.  Iraq's strong arm Hussein, the glue that kept Iraq together, was deposed and control of all the oil in that area was in the American neocons’ sights.
The neo con barbaric know nothings like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearle and others were salivating as their long-held vision for total American domination of that region was, it seemed to them, possible and Bush’s  cozy love relationship with Prince Bandar of the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia -- you know where massive amount of oil flows -- was the ticket to ride.
This nation dismembered a sovereign entity that did nothing to us, fractured an entire Middle East tinder box region, deposed dictators that kept the lid on revolution, killed innocents and created a million Iraqi refugees.
The Republican criticism of Obama is that he did not stay in Iraq long enough breaking the “Status of Forces Agreement” to leave, breaking the rationale for his electoral win and breaking his word to the American people that he would extricate us from Iraq but who cares about all of that?  If Cheney was alleged to have said "F___ the Constitution favoring warrantless wiretaps he could easily have said F___ the Status of Forces Agreement and remained in Iraq in perpetuity.
The Iraq War waged by Bush and his so called "coalition of the willing" is wholly responsible for the present chaos not only in the Middle East, Syria and elsewhere but for the carnage in Paris as well.   A straight line can be drawn from the Middle East destabilization of Iraq and other Middle East nations to the Paris attacks, the refugee Syrian crisis, the growth of ISIS, ISIL and Al Qaeda in Iraq now omnipresent all over the region (and even the world) where they never existed before.
The know nothing Republicans and their carnival barker so called "candidates" for the 2016 presidency will continue to spew their lies and short sighted cruelty of a now anarchic Middle East to elect another RepubliCON to the nation’s highest office with his finger on the nuclear black box button.  He will commit your children and your children’s children to eternal war.

Paris, now, is a metaphor for darkness in the city of light.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Robert H. Jackson (1945) Opening Statement -- Nuremburg 1945

Said to be one of the greatest pieces of oratory at the beginning of the Nuremberg trials of crimes against humanity and should be viewed and listened to among those of all nations.

Singularly Lucky

I cannot stop thinking of Paris. What can and should be done to ameliorate our fears? What can we do at this moment in our time? Would removing all western troops from the Middle East even help now? I suspect no it would not. It is much more complicated than that now and one blog or opinion cannot say it all so I summarize my thoughts.

I love the west which is no secret from those who know me. I love the freedom of expression, I love the freedom to believe OR not to believe in religion. The two most important freedoms -- the freedom to speak as one chooses and the separation clause of the US Constitution that implies you may say anything you want ... ANYTHING for or against religious belief and religion itself remains separate from the state.

One can say, most especially, anything for or against a political belief or for or against any political policy which god knows I utilize that freedom with consistency because I may do that here. I am not afraid of the NSA, the FBI, the CIA or any other government institution entrusted with this nation's security because I love and believe in this nation and the impenetrable Constitutional principles on which shoulders our way of life and our freedoms rest.

In elementary school I remember thinking how wonderful it was that I could ask my teacher anything. So young was I to appreciate even then the blessing that was bestowed upon me. I was singularly lucky and so are we all who were lucky enough to be born in the west!

Are there changes in Middle East policy we must address? To be sure there are many and our nation has done much wrong. Still, with all of our nation's faults at least we can discuss them and ultimately change them. Yes, we were singularly lucky to be born in the west! It is worth preserving and it is worth changing policy to ensure those freedoms, we often take for granted, do not disappear from our midst.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

(Sunday Homily) Massacres in Paris: The Apocalypse Is upon Us

Brilliant, unique and interesting interpretation By Mike Rivage-Seul of the Apocalypse spewed in hundreds of fundamentalist churches throughout the land. I urge you to read it and THINK! Think about what your leaders are asking you to do. Ask the question why and who does it benefit.

Dr. Irvin Yalom discusses Death

What I have not heard yet and what plagues me about death is not only the inevitably of it BUT worse for me losing those I love, family, friends, etc. Even though we are all in this together we face it really alone and especially alone if we are left but our family and friends have died.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Letter to Senator Warren

Senator Warren, I just got through listening to your book "A Fighting Chance" on CD. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am one of your ardent supporters from Framingham you mention in your book. I have been a supporter of yours since I first saw you on Bill Moyers PBS show. When you ran for the Senate to take back the seat Teddy Kennedy occupied for 50 years held after his death by a Republican the views of whom Teddy would have loathed, I cheered as it returned to Democratic hands.

I could not be with everyone at the Copley Plaza Hotel cheering your Senate victory because I am disabled from polio. Yes, I was one of the unlucky ones who contracted the dreaded disease inducing paralysis before Dr. Salk and Sabin freed humanity from its terror. FDR who began the March of Dimes to find a vaccine for it proved to me government can work for the greater good. If my legs are not so well functioning my mouth surely is and my pen writes, I humbly say, rather well.

I cried at the end of your book out of sadness and empathy when your beloved dog Otis died and I cried out of happiness when you won that seat back for the people of Massachusetts. Teddy would have been so proud.

I have watched you closely over the years and every time Rachel Maddow has you on I am glued to the interview. I will work hard for any Democrat who wins the 2016 presidential primary as I did for you for the Senate. I am hoping, one day, you will take a seat in the oval office and I will live to see that day too.

I love you Senator Warren. You give me hope and instill the same for the powerless and hopeless many. May you be in our political midst for many years to come. Finally, you have proven, despite all odds, we the people have a fighting chance!

Yalom's Cure

This clip below is in English and hit a bulls-eye to so much about which 
 I have given thought. It's short.


I confess, I did not watch the Republican debate last night. I could not because it hurt too much to hear their spewing that passes for policy truth when I know they are the Trojan Horse waiting to strike and kill a nation. I could not watch those who are the most unqualified for the highest office in the land burp policy as though they knew what they were talking about. I could not look at a Ben Carson, the most unqualified in the group, whose belief in fantasy which included hitting his mother with a hammer in his youth, stabbing someone and whose ego makes him think he, the most unqualified of the sad Republican slate, could handle the Herculean task of assuming the presidency of the strongest nation on earth and who will hold the nuclear keys to the box that could annihilate the globe.

These science denying know nothing Republican candidates are poised to destroy this nation if not by weapons then by doing nothing to stop the climate disasters we have seen with frequency so vividly across the nation. Science denial is their most egregious sin as man's knowledge of science is the key to our species' survival. The key to Republican survival is to court the richest oil, gas and bank barons who support their candidacy with oodles of cash.

The Republican Party genius is that it has made their Tea Bag and other middle class income supporters think they are all about them. They surely are not. They are, as I and others much smarter than I, have said so many times about the top richest 1% and care nothing for most of you.

All the Republican tax plans will add trillions to the debt, take programs away from those who need them most and nearly all pledge this nation to eternal war in the Middle East. If this is what you want for your children and succeeding generations then by all means vote Republican. Vote for a Republican Party that is mendacious – lying ALL the time and doing so with impunity.

Republicans will never have an immigration plan as they will NEVER deport 11 million Hispanics and others or build a wall and make Mexico gleefully pay. They will never round up 11 million human beings who will go happily into the night like Jews to the German slaughter. Hispanics and others will fight back and it will be bloody sending millions to their graves or jails in privately owned prisons that are already stuffed to the gills belching humanity that cannot fit into their crowded cells.

I have sat on the left humane side of the political spectrum and have been a strong Democrat all of my adult life. I did so not because I think Democrats are always right but because Republicans in times of significant economic upheaval and war are nearly always wrong. You simply have to look to modern history to believe it.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Eighth and Ninth Wonders of the World

"Dr. Ben Carson Plays Defense as Biographical Questions Pile Up" -- link here or below.

After what has been uncovered about the probable fabrications of Dr. Ben Carson’s life by him, it is the eighth wonder of the world that this man has gotten to be a Republican front-runner for the presidency, the highest most powerful office in the land arguably the world.

It is the ninth wonder of the world that Fundamentalists and other humans cannot accept truth scientific or otherwise in the face of unmistakable falsehoods of Biblical myth or the mounting evidence of the personal lies a presidential candidate tells about himself.

Those who support him will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truth even if the truth is in front of their nose because it is so important to their mental health that all of these fabrications and untruths are really true. If they are not true, which a rational mind would know they are not, then I am guessing the Fundamentalists and their world with them would collapse. It is frightening, indeed, when in the face of Carson’s obvious lies he gains not loses support within mostly Republican ranks.

Carson promotes these lies, in my opinion, to make money and oodles of it. One should never give money to charlatans whether it’s people peddling religious falsehoods or snake oil salesmen trying to sell you junk. You may think they care about you but they don’t. What they do care about is their own bank accounts and making millions off the suckers who swallow their tripe. Carson, it appears, is smart enough to float a made up story about his own life that sells to Fundamentalists and others gullibles.

The truths of science and its experts cannot be denied as they ensure survival of only the fittest when its laws are known, admitted and followed. Those who reject the truths science tells us will die out. It is the evolutionary law of nature and it has been billions of years correct!