Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Still Stunned

I am still stunned, sad, and yes, angry, at the underbelly of our nation that has SO much hate to elect this charlatan, racist, misogynist with NO experience and who 71% of the time lied. What about all the investigations that are ensuing around him? I am ashamed, embarrassed that we present this face to the world.

I called Hillary's headquarters and thanked her for all her decades of service to the poor, the powerless, the disenfranchised and the dispossessed. Trump will now have to work with the ENTIRE world who have their own interests at heart. The fact that Putin, a murderer times 10, a dictator sent his congratulations to him speaks volumes. Moreover, she won the popular vote. Sound familiar?

I say stay strong, do not give up our ideals for anyone or any circumstance. Some day we shall overcome, we have in the past and, I believe, we will in the future!

Hit by a Mack Truck

We feel here like we've been hit by a Mack Truck. We feel like we have the flu and we are sick. My friend who knows the markets thinks it was rigged and Russia played a part. Another felt like he got a diagnosis of cancer. I hate conspiratorial theories especially ones that could never be proven but my mind wonders if he does not have a point about Russia. How could so many get it so wrong? I do not even place the result on HRC's server or Huma Abadein's email. They are saying on Morning Joe that it was the WHITELASH and that the polls got it wrong. They are saying that people who voted for Trump did so but would not admit it to pollsters or in exit polls. Educated whites were ashamed to say they were voting for Trump, too, so nothing was accurate.

I was afraid if Hillary won big that I would have nothing to write about. Well this outcome renewed my efforts. We go on, still the same people we are, and we work another day. Howard Zinn would say to me change comes from the bottom up when we so seldom got what we wanted. This change is from the middle and the white working class who are the ones who hated that they felt ignored especially emanating from the Great Recession of 2007 and that Wall Street got it all and that they got nothing but fewer jobs and a bank account on empty.

Let's hope Trump does not ruin our international standing, that the Dow comes back from its 700 point drop yesterday, that another Great Recession will not occur, create more war or even god forbid nuclear war!

Susan B. Anthony never lived to see women get the vote. Now they did as did Hispanics, as did persons of color and so many whites, too, like we voted but not for Trump. Even most of Hollywood was on her side How much more of a grassroots effort could there be by us? My eyes opened today and the first thought I had was that there was something wrong. There is Trump is president. I think even he is shocked!