Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Still Stunned

I am still stunned, sad, and yes, angry, at the underbelly of our nation that has SO much hate to elect this charlatan, racist, misogynist with NO experience and who 71% of the time lied. What about all the investigations that are ensuing around him? I am ashamed, embarrassed that we present this face to the world.

I called Hillary's headquarters and thanked her for all her decades of service to the poor, the powerless, the disenfranchised and the dispossessed. Trump will now have to work with the ENTIRE world who have their own interests at heart. The fact that Putin, a murderer times 10, a dictator sent his congratulations to him speaks volumes. Moreover, she won the popular vote. Sound familiar?

I say stay strong, do not give up our ideals for anyone or any circumstance. Some day we shall overcome, we have in the past and, I believe, we will in the future!

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