Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Ride

Headline: Marco Rubio: I Don't Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change
Story here or at this link:

I do not know how on God's earth Republicans can sleep at night. I do not know how on earth anyone of character, intellect and ethics can ever on planet earth feel comfortable calling himself or herself Republican. I would be ashamed to be thought of as something which if it God forbid gains more power will in fact kill people and ultimately a nation. It is simply unbelievably sad that anyone could be taken in by utter charlatans.

Climate change is all around you. All one has to do is open one's eyes. It is a climate abomination that the fossil fuel industry like the tobacco industry before them sells nothing but death to an often times live-for-the-moment or just plain stupid part of the electorate. Wake up America the Republican Party is taking you for a death spiral ride coming soon -- if it has not already -- to a town or city near you!